Crystal jewellery was considered to be the hottest trend of the year in 2021 and it is said to continue its streak this year too. Crystals were once linked with elegance, class, and style. They have now made a comeback as the most popular jewellery kind at present. The crystals that range in colours from deep blue to vibrant yellow to popping pink are all mixed in sleek and modern jewellery designs to create fashionable looks. The same crystals are now being widely utilized in Indian jewellery styles of Meenakari, Kundankaari, and Temple jewellery to produce traditional pieces.

Understanding the colours

Crystal beads are inexpensive compared to precious stones however they still pack an identical beauty level. The beads are sewn together in fine designs and patterns to form unique jewellery ornaments. At times, you might find it difficult to wear a multi-colour jewellery piece, but there’s a trick. When you wear a statement jewellery piece, you need to ensure that your attire colours are sober or neutral. You need to allow the jewellery colours to flaunt against the simple attire that you are wearing.

Huge stone, fewer colours

It is always best to adhere to a single colour when you wear chunky crystal jewellery. Angelina Jolie once wore emerald green earrings that added that oomph to her single-colour attire. These earrings are huge head turners. If you notice that you like bigger crystal jewels better, then you need to stand by your single colour preference. You can attempt this with stud earrings, rings for party wear, or drop earrings for office wear and cocktail nights.

Crystals with typical Indian wear

Green emeralds and red rubies are the most extensively used crystals in the country. The popular traditional Kundankari jewellery has crystals in the centre part. Right from matha patti to necklaces to nose pins and rings, you are sure to find your type of Kundankaari jewellery made with crystals. The Kundan accessories along with darker-toned crystals must be associated with simpler prints and lighter shades and white lighter collared stones must be utilized with deep and dark maroons, greys and browns.

Incorporating popular crystal jewellery

The crystals have already found a liking amongst most fashion jewellery lovers. The fashionable jewels such as headbands, chokers, anklets for women, and midi rings are available in a range of styles too. But, it doesn’t mean that any fashion jewellery that contains embellished crystals has to be a success. So, you need to pick the crystals cautiously while you acquire trendy jewels. The large crystals often tend to look shoddy when interlaced in newer designs. However something like a tiny opal embellished choker necklace will appear stylish and sexy. You need to bear in mind that the huger the crystal, the simpler and smaller the jewel style should be.

Boho fashion

People who love Bohemian fashion are sure to know the importance of crystals in the boho style of jewellery. Right from unpolished, single, crystals to feroza rings, they are all a common occurrence, especially during the summer. Boho jewellery makes use of crystal jewellery a lot. Right from stacks of silver bracelets to nose pins to the silver antique necklace, the silver tribal jewellery has crystals. You can always opt for feroza crystal jewels for your silver jewellery as it is a straightforward colour to include in any outfit type.

You must check the splendid collection of crystal jewellery at this online jewellery store for a personal understanding of the style. Crystal beads can go well with any outfit type. Be it a two-piece bikini or a traditional Indian saree, you can always throw crystal jewellery into the mix for an immediate colour boost. Crystal jewellery became famous during the Mughal era and it is still continuing to fascinate ornament lovers of all nationalities and age groups. Indians are always obsessed with crystal jewellery set in Jadau, Kundankari, or Meenakari jewellery style while the people in the western world adore crystals in silver jewellery.



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