We are always amazed by the celebrities who are Latinx. It fills us with pride, as they frequently inspire us to believe for us to strive to attain greatness. Some people like Sonia Sotomayor, Eva Longoria, Daria Zelenoff, Shakira, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Lin-Manuel, and Shakira are famous Latinx individuals who are popular and admired. But many other notable Latinxs may not be aware that they exist. They are Latinx — people who do not have Latinx names or who haven’t publicly acknowledged their roots but who are Latinx and have achieved feats we should be proud of.

Here, 8 of these people you might not know are Latinx. There are many of them that you’ll recognize and others you may not.

1. Eva Longoria

Nobody on this list is more dedicated to the cause than Eva Longoria to allowing Latinos to have a voice in U.S. politics. Through her activism, she’s earned her position in the top tier of influential Latinos across America. She was instrumental in helping President Obama win 73 percent of the Latino voter turnout in the 2012 presidential election. She remains vocal and transparent regarding immigration reform. She established her own Latino Victory Project to raise funds for candidates. In the business world, she’s made it big as a restaurateur, writer, and producer (Lifetime’s “Devious Maids” series as well as the documentary films “The The Harvest” along with “Food Chains”). There’s a possibility that she’s not spending as much time in front of cameras in recent times, but she’s also busier and more well-known than ever before.

2. Ariela Barer

You might recognize the Mexican-American actress in her guest appearances on Disney shows like Liv and Maddie and K.C. Undercover or on Netflix’s Atypical and One Day At A Time. Recently, Ariela is fighting villains (her parents NBD) in the role of pink-haired feminist superhero Gertrude “Gert” Yorkes in Marvel’s Runaways which debuted on Hulu in 2017 and is scheduled to return for an additional season later this year.

3. Isabella Gomez

Isabella was born in Medellin, Colombia; Isabella is currently playing the game-loving video Elena in the show One Day At A Time. The talented actress is capturing the hearts of viewers because of her portrayal of the Latinx teenager who is open to her family and teaching the family on issues of social justice -even if her auntie is prone to eye-rolling every so often. Isabella has also appeared as a guest on Modern Family.

4. Ryan Lochte

Moving on to the world of sports. The second most decorated Olympic swimmer of all time is Cuban. Did you know? Yes, it’s Ryan Lochte! The sportsperson’s mother was born and raised in Havana, while his dad was born in Havana. His father is English, Dutch, and German. He is a New York native who relocated to Florida and has been awarded twelve Olympic medals throughout his time in the sport, including six gold medals, three silver, and three bronze. He’s also known for his out-of-the-pool, controversial personality and has even appeared on his show called What Would Ryan Lochte Do? The fame of his name earned him a photo spread in Vogue magazine, endorsement deals with actors, as well as an appearance on Season 23 of Dancing with the Stars.

5. Lorena Cartagena

welcome Lorena Cartegena. Since day one, the gorgeous Latina has been putting the Bronx’s Terror Squad crew leader, Fat Joe. Although she isn’t involved in the rap game, Mrs. Cartegena has been out in the dirt with Joe and his crew. Throughout the days and the day, she has praised her family and God. On top of that, Lorena Cartegena is a happily married woman who has been holding her husband, Fat Joe, for over two decades. This kind of commitment isn’t for the unlucky. The couple almost ended their relationship in 2012. However, they successfully re established their relationship and are now sharing their lives on Instagram. Marriage goals, all day!

6. Javier Bardem

Building a legacy of powerful and unforgettable performances like “Before Night Falls” The Sea Inside,” in addition to “Biutiful,” Javier Bardem is a master at shifting his body from one character to role. No other Hispanic actor can match his achievements, including three Oscar nominations and an award in the category of “No country for old men.” Consequently, even though Bardem’s name is not frequently mentioned online, he has a strong affinity for the Latino community, who regard him as “the best actor we have.” “The Last Face,” Sean Penn’s most recent film, will be one of three upcoming projects.

7. Auli’i Cravalho

Auli’i gained acclaim in the voice actor role for Disney’s Moana in 2016, and she followed with a dazzling presentation at the Academy Awards the following year. In the past, the 17-year-old Hawaiian actor born in Puerto Rican on her dad’s side made her debut on smaller screens in the role of Lilette Suarez on NBC’s Rise. Even though the show was pulled after a single season, the actress will soon showcase her writing abilities by contributing to America Ferrera’s forthcoming essay collection.

8. Bruno Mars

Bruno Mars is a stage name; however, his father’s birth certificate is the Spanish-sounding Peter Gene Hernandez – this is the same name he has for his father was a Puerto Rican/Ashkenazi Jewish. Mars was born in Honolulu and later changed his name to prevent being a victim of the world of music. On the maternal side, the family is Filipino as well as Spanish!


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