A business leader, also known as a manager or general manager, is the person who has the responsibility of running a business. He is not necessarily the founder or the owner, but the latter grants him full powers. Here is what his roles are within the company!

The business manager is likened to a conductor. He must create harmony in a heterogeneous team: the company is made up of individuals from different backgrounds. He must know how to get the best out of each, then amalgamate them to obtain a common work. The company can also be compared to an orchestra. The driver reads the score, and the members of the orchestra must show particular attention and listening skills so that the work is performed brilliantly. The conductor plays a crucial role, as does the company director: their skills depend on the success of the company. What are the roles, qualities, and skills of a good entrepreneur?

The roles of the business leader

Prevention role

The leader must be aware of every aspect of his field of war, to be able to “foresee”. To do this, he carries out legal, economic, or marketing monitoring, all skills for a well-filled Business Manager resume ! … Depending on the size of the company, he can carry out these watches himself, and entrust them to a team that he supervises, or call on an external firm.

Organizational role

The company director is responsible for ordering the various resources of his company. It assigns responsibilities to each: it, therefore, tells them what they will have to do to achieve the company’s objectives. The leader divides the work between the different elements of the company, delimits their attribution and hierarchizes the levels of power. It determines the channels of authority, but also the procedures and channels for the circulation of information.

Coordinating role

The business manager must also ensure that all the actions undertaken by the various bodies are in harmony. Indeed, the efforts made by the individuals in the company must converge toward the same objective. The entrepreneur must show a lot of flexibility to motivate everyone. He adapts his style of management to his subordinates, to succeed in adhering to the interests of the company, to get the best out of him.

Control role

The saying goes that trust does not exclude control. Even though you are the best of leaders, and you have succeeded in forging a generation of leaders behind you and good performers, it is always advisable to control their work. The leader of the company must always check that everything is going according to the vision of the company. If necessary, it proposes actions to correct errors and monitors their application.

Other Important Skills of a Business Manager

The entrepreneur holds the most important function in a company. Therefore, it requires skills. You don’t become a company director, you create a profile for yourself! What other skills do you need to see to become a business leader?

Definition of priorities

A business manager will face countless decisions every day. But what will distinguish one good leader from another will be his ability to set priorities. What is essential and urgent? What is urgent, but less valuable? What is not urgent, but influential? And finally, what is neither important nor urgent? A good entrepreneur must know how to answer these questions. In this way, he spends his energy in decisions that have a greater weight on the company.

Managerial capacities

The business leader will naturally have to be a good manager. Being a leader means being at the head of several people, even several teams. Managerial skills include the ability to lead a team, make good decisions, delegate tasks, master different tensions, resolve conflicts, to communicate with your team… Managerial skills are acquired with experience. . The more challenges you face as a team leader, the more cases you will see. And the better you will know how to do it!


It is by communicating that the entrepreneur transmits his ideas, his vision. This is not just about the ability to verbalize one’s thoughts. A business leader must also be able to use the right means of communication to make himself understood. He must know how to adapt to his interlocutor so that he receives his message well. In the other direction, he must also develop his ability to listen. In business, it’s about communicating and getting feedback. But it is also about knowing how to listen, and understanding languages ​​other than speech. Many problems can be avoided, just by being able to listen well to your collaborators.


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