An increasing number of Canadians are choosing prefabricated structures over traditionally built ones. Canada has around 268 businesses involved in pre-engineered home manufacturing, which experts say will grow in the coming years.

Prefab garages and metal workshops are popular with Canadians who are automobile enthusiasts. They need a separate space that lets them pursue their hobby peacefully while providing the required functionality, security, and convenience.

Ordering garage kits canada from a company specializing in them is the fastest way to build a prefab garage. The kit refers to a set of components and accessories required to assemble the workshop.

If this is your first time trying out this construction method, here are some details you will find helpful.

  • What Are The Benefits Of Prefab Garage Kits?

The process is quicker and certainly saves you a lot of money. Traditional constructions require plenty of raw materials, involve high labor costs, require a lot of time to complete, and have plenty of complications.

Not so with prefab kits, which the builders manufacture at their site and deliver to you at a set time and date. It is easy to assemble them without requiring any alterations or modifications.

You can also disassemble the structure if you are shifting or looking to change its location on your property. Because they require little maintenance, you save plenty of money.

  • Which Material Are They Made Of?

Most DIY garages are built from high-tensile steel because it enjoys several advantages over materials like wood and masonry. It provides high security, which is vital because you use the garage to store your automobiles and other personal belongings.

Metal is immune to pests, termites, and fungus, which destroy and eat away wooden structures from the inside. It saves you the costs of buying heating and cooling appliances as it is an excellent insulator.

Steel is highly durable and easily withstands hailstorms, heavy downpours, and other harsh weather conditions. It should be your first choice if you live in a humid part of Canada as it is anticorrosive and rustproof.

Most prefab companies in Canada prefer using steel for building their structures. The steel sector is one of Canada’s largest industries, generating more than 11 billion CAD in sales and employing more than 35,000 workers.

  • How Will You Receive The Package?

The company will deliver the package in a flatbed trailer in a large bundle. A forklift can quickly offload the skid, consisting of five different layers. The heaviest piece in the package would be the hardware box, weighing about 4,000 pounds, about 22 inches long, three inches high, and four inches wide.

However, the best part of a prefab kit is the minimal machinery required for the offloading process. A team of five to six strong people can complete the offloading within two hours.

The package will contain the framing system, sidewall panels, roof panels, trim package, galvanized secondary framing components like purlins, girts, and eave struts, and optional gutter systems.

  • Is It Mandatory To Get Permit Approval?

In most cases, you must secure a permit approval before installing the structure at your property. For example, suppose you live in the province of Ontario in Canada. In that case, you must comply with the Ontario Building Code and the By Zoning Law, which requires all accessory buildings like garages to have a permit.

To obtain the permit, you must provide information like the site plan, property measurements, dimensions, size of beams, and directions of roof trusses. In most cases, the prefab company will provide you with the certified engineer drawings, which you must submit with the application.

You should consider ordering garage kits in Canada when looking for an easy-to-build, durable, and cost-effective structure. It is a better option than traditional construction and provides all the features you want in an efficient workshop.


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