Word processing is no longer sufficient to thrive in the competitive digital era. Effective desktop publishing enhances the look and feel of your publications and helps you win customers. Desktop publishing software (also known as layout software) is used to create and edit documents on any computer. To put it more technically, the software allows you to create a layout of text and media files that can be published in print or digital formats.

Desktop Publishing (DTP) software was initially designed to produce printed materials. With the advent of DTP, creating print media design layouts and templates became simpler and relatively less expensive. Since then, the use of DTP has also entered the realm of digital design.

What is the Purpose of Desktop Publishing?

Desktop publishing software is frequently used to create tangible media such as magazines, newspapers, marketing materials, business cards, point-of-purchase displays,  outdoor signs, and product packaging designs. It is used to build user interfaces, web pages, and e-books.

The best desktop publishing tools make it easy to design marketing materials for print and digital media. Some of the most popular DTP software include:

  • Adobe InDesign
  • Affinity publisher
  • QuarkXPress
  • Microsoft Publisher
  • Viva Designer
  • Xara Page & Layout designer
  • Scribus
  • Swift Publisher
  • Marq

Benefits of Desktop Publishing Software

Using desktop publishing software to create regular advertising materials is more convenient than engaging a third-party printing provider. The design process is simpler and can be modified easily. However, here are some of the major benefits of DTP software:

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  • Get professional layouts

By relying on basic templates from word processing tools, we can employ templates and layouts in high demand. However, many other firms do the same too. As a result, developing a distinct and professional campaign that helps your company stand out from the competitors becomes difficult.

DPT offers many in-house templates, which means you can modify and customize documents or media to target a specific audience. You can choose from a whole host of templates, including flyers, menus, press releases, newsletters, proposals, statements, schedules, name tags, or a catalog. By using these various in-built templates, you can target a broad Spectrum of audiences based on what template suits whom.

DTP has the potential to completely transform the way your customers, suppliers, investors, and workers perceive your organization.

  • Reduce production costs

Desktop publishing allows for the smooth production of printed and electronic documents without the time-consuming experience and expensive equipment that was once necessary.

A computer, printer, and software are required for basic DTP creation. If you do not wish to invest in DTP equipment and software, you can further reduce production costs by outsourcing our desktop publishing requirements to DTP professionals. Outsourcing Desktop Publishing services eliminates the need for additional software, hardware, or upgrades.

  • Multiple customization options enhance productivity

It goes without saying that when DTP is utilized, the output rate increases considerably due to its creative and cutting-edge technology and user-friendly interface.

Using DTP, you can improve your page layout by optimizing your designs’ contrast, color, and spacing. You can also easily change typefaces, rearrange text and pictures on the screen, and resize images. These little customizations go a long way in improving your productivity and making your designs look more attractive.

Furthermore, if we outsource a creative design services provider, our finished project will be superior and require fewer changes. Time, money, and resources will all be significantly reduced.


WYSIWYG is an abbreviation for What You See Is What You Get. This statement means that when you utilize DTP software, what you see on the screen is exactly what you get in print. This quality of DTP software ensures website designs can be readily improved and optimized without having to examine them on paper.

Most of us who have worked on basic word processors understand why this is so critical. When you print out a document from basic word processors, there’s a significant contrast between how it appears on the monitor and how it appears on paper.

  • Allows for easy revisions

Suppose you want to change your product price, or your designs need a last-minute change. What will you do? Tell your graphic designer to re-create the whole piece. That could cost you some extra bucks. And don’t forget the additional time involved. However, with DPT tools, you can pick up your designs and templates from where you left off. You only need to edit the required portion of your template.

Final Thoughts

By doing away with the need for outside print vendors, desktop publishing software helps you save time and prevent unwanted expenses. Investing in DTP is an ideal option if you frequently employ printed materials. DTP software also allows you to balance and optimize your basic designs and target your specific audience. This can be achieved using DTP’s in-built customizing features and multiple template designs.

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