It can be hard to create quality content if you’re an aspiring content creator who wants to make videos. As the short video format lasts from about 30 seconds to 90 seconds, it’s difficult for content creators to impact the audience. Videos are all about timing that can engage your audience. There are a plethora of apps that can help you create content. To capture an Indian audience, the Indian short video app Hipi is doing great in offering quality content. On Hipi, you have so much to create, learn and share. It’s an increasingly growing platform in India. Hipi can help you make and share hilarious, viral videos.

Hipi, as a platform, has all big celebs creating entertainment and knowledge-worthy content. One of India’s most well-known and young creators is Arishfa Khan. Arishfa Khan started her acting career in 2012 as a child artist. She debuted on the TV show Chal-Sheh-Aur-Maat later in the same year. She was cast in the serial “Ek Veer Ki Ardaas.. Veera” as Gunjan. Arishfa’s role as Gunjan was widely appreciated, and she became a household name quickly. Her show Veera had her as the lead for three years until 2015, when the show ended. She was also seen playing the role of Jhunjhun in Jeannie Aur Juju. Her role in the show Yeh Hai Mohabbatein in 2013 as Vinnie was the most popular and loved by the audience. Arishfa Khan has had a very successful career as a child artist.

Her social media game is on point. She has a great sense of understanding about what kind of content her viewers like to see. Her presence across different short video platforms is also high. She makes regular and engaging content for her audience and is loved by her followers. She enjoys about 25 Million followers on Instagram. She is also one of the youngest leading content creators in the country. Through her creative content, she has been able to carve her niche.

Arishfa Khan is a child performer, an Indian TV artist, YouTuber, and a model who also loves dancing. She makes many dance videos and makeup tutorials, performs trending challenges, and shares fashion tips. Arishfa has a keen interest in makeup and gives proper makeup tutorials online, performing it on a model for her viewers to learn. She has recently launched her makeup line called the Mishy Me. She is now mainly focusing on making makeup tutorials.

Arishfa khan has a youtube channel called Arishfa Khan, where she posts her dance videos and gives us a glimpse of her personal life. She has a massive fan following among the youth and a presence on many platforms. Arishfa is also active on Hipi and keeps engaging her viewers with her dubsmash videos and dance covers.

She is one of the most known youth sensations and social media queens. Apart from working on television. She has also appeared in Bollywood movies. Her debut movie was Saheb Biwi Aur Gangster 3. She was also among the highest-paid television child actors, charging approximately RS 30k-50k per episode. Apart from that, the actress earns money from different brand endorsements and through her social media platforms. Arishfa also makes a lot from her Youtube channel, where she uploads a weekly video.

On Hipi, Arishfa has been actively posting her videos and giving glimpses into her day-to-day routine and life. Arishfa has also graced us with numerous pieces of content that have hit our funny bones, attempted many ongoing trends, and encouraged her audience to perform them and post them online. She is excellent with audience engagement. On Hipi, the Indian short video app Arishfa Khan has also shared glimpses of her life and how she creates videos.

The impact these short video platforms have created on the social media industry is so huge that even bigger players like Google and YouTube have built their own platforms. With such a significant impact in the digital world, short video apps are the future of the creator economy and will pave the way for newer ways for brands to reach their target audience. Bringing in stars like Arishfa Khan on the platform increases the traffic.


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