Does your child suffer from an incapacitating medical condition? Many families are going through similar situations. More than three million children under the age of 18 live in the United States with substantial impairment, according to the most available data from the United States Census Bureau. If you have any inquiries regarding SSI applications for child disability compensation, contact a disability lawyers phoenix.

Can children receive Social Security disability payments, you may be wondering? Yes, but only if certain requirements are satisfied. 

Supplemental security income is used to file a child social security disability claim (SSI)

Social Security offers two distinct disability programs. More people are familiar with Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI). However, based on their age, it is only open to individuals who possess sufficiently extensive employment experience. Children are ineligible for SSDI.

Nevertheless, a kid with a handicap can be eligible for benefits under the alternative Social Security disability program. The federal disability program Supplemental Security Income (SSI) is entirely needs-based. Some children with disabilities may be eligible for SSI assistance.

What are the criteria for SSI disability benefits for children?

A child applicant must fulfill all the legal conditions in order to be eligible for child disability payments through Supplemental Security Income. An application for child SSI disability payments must demonstrate, according to the Social Security Administration (SSA), that:

Medical Requirements: In order to qualify for SSI payments via the Social Security Administration, a person—including a child applicant—must have a serious and medically recognizable physical or mental impairment. It is necessary to provide complete and accurate medical documentation.

For Financial and Legal Eligibility, the SSA will consider parental income and financial resources when determining eligibility for specially-abled children who are not married and reside at home.

The child’s SSI claim may be rejected on such grounds if the family’s income and/or financial resources are excessive. The solely needs-based disability program is SSI.

The right to apply for SSI disability benefits on behalf of the special child is held by the parent or legal guardian.

A child’s disability is appealable by your community security denial of disability.

Unfortunately, not all financially precarious Arizona families with disabled children find it simple to qualify for SSI benefits. The SSA occasionally rejects legitimate child disability applications. You have the option to challenge a rejection. If your child’s SSI application was turned down


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