Quality patient care without complications is a provision that everyone wishes to receive in healthcare institutions. This is especially the case in the sports environment because after pain or injury, you would want to be up and running within the minimal time possible and with little to no complications. The issue gets more complicated when it involves the buttock muscles, which would neither let you sit nor do any sporting activity. Providing such services is a challenge for many healthcare providers, but Performance Pain and Sports Medicine seeks to defy the odds by giving you exactly that. The institution offers Newton piriformis syndrome treatment from their highly experienced board-certified specialists. Here’s a broader view of what the treatment entails.

What is it?

Piriformis syndrome is an issue involving the piriformis muscle located in the buttocks. The muscle can have sudden involuntary contractions, which lead to severe and persistent pain. The condition may also affect the large nerve running through the lower back to the legs called the sciatic nerve, causing sciatica. Sciatica is a condition where your legs, feet, and hips have pain, numbness, and tingling caused by the irritation of the sciatic nerve.

What causes it?

The underlying cause of the syndrome has not yet been completely figured out. However, sudden muscle contractions could result from several things, including inflammation, injury, or bleeding in the area surrounding the sciatic muscle.

What are the symptoms?

 You may experience increased pains when you sit down for an extended time, your hips may have reduced motion, the calf and back of your thigh may have persistent pains, and when you climb any stairs, you may experience pain in the legs or back. However, the main indicator of the syndrome is a persistent tenderness in the buttocks. You should always consider consulting a qualified physician if you experience such symptoms.

Treatment plans

In Performance Pain and Sports Medicine, the specialists’ main goal is to offer you quality and effective treatment with minimal complications. Therefore, before offering any solutions for the condition, they perform an analysis of your medical history and closely assess the symptoms. Once the condition has been confirmed, Performance Pain and Sports Medicine offer treatment plans which include the following.

  1.     Anti-inflammatory injections: Local anesthetics and anti-inflammatory injections are offered to people who cannot participate in physical therapy for the condition due to the pain.
  2.     Radiofrequency ablation: Radiofrequency ablation is a non-surgical procedure where the specialist destroys part of the nerve tissue by injecting some high-frequency energy at the surrounding nerves, thus causing a stoppage of the transmission of pain to the brain. The procedure is usually recommended for people experiencing chronic pains. 
  3.     Acupuncture and chiropractic treatment: These methods are recommended to keep the blood flowing and the muscles relaxed.
  4.     Muscle relaxers: Muscle relaxers prescribed reduce the severity of muscle spasms by temporarily paralyzing the overactive muscles. They also loosen the piriformis muscles.

Piriformis syndrome can prove to be a challenge if not taken care of and is highly capable of reducing your productivity, especially in the sports arena. Performance Pain and Sports Medicine ensure that you do not need to worry and guarantee professional, quality, and effective treatment. Whenever you experience any of the symptoms mentioned above, visit Performance Pain and Sports Medicine without hesitation


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