Watching a movie at the cinema is still much better than watching it at home on TV. A movie theater has magic, it isolates you, it puts you in the action. But at what age should you take the kids to the movies for the first time? Are there special rooms and sessions? This guide to going to the movies with your children for the first time solves your doubts and gives you very useful clues.

At what age?

There is no fixed age to go to the cinema for the first time, it depends on each child. In general, psychologists recommend 3 years, so that the little one is able to follow an action that usually lasts more than an hour and sit still. If your child is afraid of the dark or is bothered by loud noise, you may have to wait longer.

Recommended cinema

Try to find a cinema that welcomes children well and has services designed for them. There are more and more cinemas with special sessions designed for families, even with special prices. But the best thing is that many cinemas are beginning to have very special rooms for children.

To which movie

The movie is essential, of course. Keep your child’s tastes in mind when choosing the movie. There are children who entertain themselves very well with Disney movies; others can’t stand the musical thing… You will know better than anyone the movie with which you will succeed.

Which session?

We always remember that our children fell asleep the first time we took them to the movies. Surely we didn’t choose the session well (we used to go to the one at 4 or 5 in the afternoon). It seems that the mornings are more suitable because the children maintain the energy from the first hour. 

What to do if they make noise?

When it comes to children in cinema, they will make noise, they will move, they will ask you anything at the top of their voices. They are children, it is normal. As you will be in a session with a family audience, nothing happens, the other spectators will understand. The important thing is that you have it assumed and do not stress. No scolding him, that makes the situation worse. 

What to do if your kids want to go to the bathroom?

“Mom, I’m going to pee” (and you’re sitting in the middle of a long line, because that’s always the case). Well, get up and take him to the toilet.

Is it better to bring food?

Most cinemas only allow you to consume food and drinks purchased at the cinema itself, but the truth is that it also depends on the age of the child that you can bring some cookies, for example. The point is that the child calms down and enjoys the movies.

If he doesn’t like it, leave 

It’s okay if things don’t work out the first time. You have to insist and let the child get used to the big screen, to the lights that go out, to the volume higher than in the movies that he watches on TV at home. Go away and do something fun. And go back to the movies another day.

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