Your tastes have changed over the years as you have matured, not least in where you like to spend your free time. You have just traded in the family car for a 4×4 as you have big plans to see places that were always on your radar, but never got round to visiting.

The beauty of your new vehicle is that it allows you to go off road and get close to mother nature and put down base in remote areas. But before you set out its time to purchase some vehicle accessories from Bossco Auto. You have even written out a shopping list of the 6 most important items to you.

  1. Bull Bar. Absolutely top of your list to offer essential safety for the pair of you and your vehicle on the highway, as well as rural and remote-area travel, especially when you take your 4×4 off-road. A bull bars will offer the greatest protection against animal strikes and types of collision.
  2. Magnetic sun shades. A sun shade will serve several functions, such as stopping your steering wheel, dashboard, or seatbelt from becoming searing hot after the sun comes through the windows. It can lower the internal temperature considerably, meaning a more comfortable vehicle added to by packing tips from fellow travellers.
  3. Traction boards. A marvellous versatile accessory which is ultra-reliable and are easy to carry. The boards offer valuable ways to help a stuck 4X4 become unstuck, by placing one underneath each tyre so that the vehicle can get a grip away from thick mud or a waterlogged field to enable it to become mobile again.
  4. Roof Rack. A roof rack will enable you to load up your vehicle so that it can carry bulky equipment including sporting goods or camping gear, which is perfect for your weekends away in a beauty spot freeing up extra space inside.
  5. Battery charger. Having a dead battery is no use anywhere, but especially when in a remote location. Using a smart battery charger allows you to revive your dead battery and save time and money.
  6. LED driving lights. Great accessories for your vehicle in the dark as they run cooler and draw less energy. LED lights last longer and aren’t as fragile as halogen elements.

Purchasing a 4×4 is an inspired choice to open up your short breaks and driving options, especially after the purchase of important accompanying accessories.


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