During the last years, many B2B companies started to understand the importance of social media for their success and input social media strategy into their marketing efforts.

B2B and B2C companies have different approaches considering targeting their audience. While for B2C companies, this process is more straightforward as they speak directly to consumers, B2B businesses try to connect with decision-makers and turn them into business clients.

Four stages for createing B2B social media strategy

Only by having proper strategies can you create positive relationships with B2B clients and have long-lasting purchasing contracts and agreements. We will describe four ways to build social media strategies for B2B companies and use the great opportunities that these platforms offer.

1. Set objectives and tailor them to business goals

Whether you have established a B2B business or trying to enter the market, you have goals that you are trying to reach. And when building social media strategy, set goals trying to answer the question of whether social media marketing can achieve them and which tactics. The goals for B2B social marketing do not directly generate conversion and increase sales but improve brand awareness. Or your social media content should help educate social media users and create trustful relationships with them. Only by having clear goals like increasing B2B sales can you build social media strategy ans also measure whether you reach those goals.

2. Create a brand voice and build a personality

To sussed the social media game, you should have a brand voice, which will give your brand a positive image. Check whether your voice is aligned with your values and mission. Of course, you can use different types of tone of voice, like humorous or formal whether you promote a real estate chatbot or beauty product.  In all cases, ensure having a consistent brand voice on all channels.

Another crucial element when formulating your brand voice on social media is to try to be authentic. People love to know the human and authentic side behind the companies.

3. Support your customers and share testimonials

To build a last-longing and positive relationship, you should provide them with great customer service and always answer their questions and concern.

Prioritize communication with your customers and ensure that your support team is ready answers all the questions that they ask on the different social media platform.

Besides solving issues, you should be open to positive reviews ans testimonials. B2B testimonials show the value of your product and help to build credibility as a result generating more leads. You can invite people who looking for jobs in Peterborough or other places to work in your support team.

4. Define the right platforms for B2B business

In order to have any effective marketing strategy, you should know where your target audience is, ans B2B social media strategy isn’t an exception. Different platforms can be helpful for your achieving this, but LinkedIn remains the most important platform for B2B businesses. But other networks can be highly effective too. Make sure to concentrate on one or two platforms, and after having a consistent and strong presence there, add new platforms to the list. 


If B2B companies don’t dedicate time and effort to improving their presence on the social media platform, they most probably will have difficulties achieving their business goals. We went through four ways of formulating a B2B social media strategy. Following this, you can have powerful social media channels that will take your B2B company to another level.


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