If you have never participated in a trade show, then it can seem like there is so much that you have to do. In the midst of feeling overwhelmed, it can easily become difficult to know what the most important things are when participating in a trade show. In this article, we are going to discuss three of the essentials when it comes to participating in a tradeshow.

Have an Appealing Booth

Having an appealing booth is an essential when it comes to a trade show. If you have a boring booth, then you will have a hard time acquiring new potential customers. However, if you have an eye appealing booth, then you will be more likely to have potential customers come over to see what your booth is about. ExpoMarketing has many different types of trade show displays that can meet all of your needs. They offer a portable display, and it is not only functional and efficient, but it is also very eye-catching. This is ideal, as they are able to fit in almost any size of booth space that you will have. Keep functionality in mind also when choosing an appealing booth, as you will have to set up, take down, and haul away the display once the trade show is finished.

Set Goals

If you go to a trade show without any specific goals in mind, then you are preparing to not accomplish anything while you are there. Without goals there is no direction for you to go. You need to make sure that you have set goals and that you have a way to track them. Typically, companies will make their trade show goals very similar to what their marketing goals are. Some of the common goals could include giving out business cards, finding a new supplier, or making a certain number of new connections. As you strive to meet the goals that you have set for your company, then you will see much more success from the trade show.

Make Sure to Network

Trade shows are a great way to network with others who are in your industry. It can greatly benefit your company if you make a lot of connections with the industry professionals. You can meet a lot of people who could potentially help you in the future. You will never regret making connections with people, as that will never do no harm. There are plenty of opportunities to network at a trade show, so make sure that you are taking every opportunity to meet as many people as you possibly can.


If you are nervous about participating in a trade show, as you have never had any experience with this sort of thing, then do not fear. Although it seems daunting, it is something that you can do. As you plan, and prepare, be sure to remember these essentials as you are planning your trade show experience, and you will be able to see success. Good luck!


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