Are you on the prowl for the most popular free apps for Android and iOS? Today’s your lucky day. Believe it or not, there are some top-of-the-line applications both on Apple’s and Google’s mobile distribution platforms that you can get without spending a single dollar. In this piece, the Asolytics team is covering top free apps on iPhone and Android. Enjoy.

Best iPhone Free Apps

So, you’ve rewarded yourself with a brand new iPhone. Congrats! How are you gonna use it… talk? Your new gadget is capable of so much more than voice-to-voice or face-to-face communication. Are iPhone applications free? Not exactly. To be more precise, not all of them are. Check out the compilation of our top favorite best free iOS app software:

  1. Instagram. Being among the most frequently used applications on a daily basis, Instagram is the number-one picture sharing mobile platform. It’s a breeze and a joy to utilize for both personal and corporate purposes. The dev team behind Instagram is in the constant process of following the latest tech trends, releasing frequent app updates, and polishing its functionality to perfection. 
  2. Google Maps. Whether you’re looking to discover your current location or plot out a destination, no need to pull a map from your car’s glove box. Google Maps is your best bet when it comes to discovering new locations and reaching them.
  3. TikTok. This highly addictive video-sharing app comes with a satisfying sense of community its aficionados feel. TikTok fans participate in multiple viral challenges and build strong connections with each other. From life hacks to beautiful choreos, TikTok users are free to post anything via the app. 
  4. WhatsApp Messenger. This free IM and video calling software is fast, straightforward, intuitive, reliable, and secure. It’s great for staying in touch with both your personal and corporate contacts. 
  5. YouTube. With this mobile application, you are free to watch your favorite vids from the palm of your hand. The devs behind this app are constantly improving it, packing it with new features and possibilities. Doubtlessly, it’s among the must have free Android apps, too.

Top Free Applications for Android

We all love freebies, that’s a given. Now, how about laying your hands on the best freebies out there? Sounds tempting, doesn’t it? Then our selection below is sure to tickle your fancy. So, what are the best free apps on Google Play? Find the list below:

  1. Google Chat. Designed for teams, this smart and secure communication and collaboration software will help you establish a fluid connection with anyone at work and elevate your group conversations to a brand new level. Actually, Google Chat is among the most useful free Android apps for corporate use.
  2. Google Chrome. With this speedy and well-protected software, you’ll excel in staying productive on the go and getting more out of your browser, irrespective of your current whereabouts. You’ll enjoy using this simple, intuitive, and exceptionally useful application.
  3. Telegram. Fast and secure, this app flaunts top-level security features and extended file sharing limits. It’s charmingly animated, satisfyingly snappy, highly customizable, and fun to navigate.
  4. Snapchat. Boasting a simple and clean design, this mobile social media application is a fun and fast way to communicate on the go, as well as exchange media with your buddies. 
  5. Subway Surfers. It’s an all-around polished endless-runner mobile game offering dynamic nonstop action from the very opening to the last moments. Not very fond of mobile games with the learning curve model? This title is right up your street. It’s among the top free apps for careless gaming on the go.

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