Women, fashion and accessories go hand in hand. Ladies love to dress-up, wear and decorate themselves, pick new clothes and other fashion pieces according to seasons, occasion and events. They embellish themselves with many accessories, which adds the right sparkle and charm to their personalities plus many are functional too. 

One of the most important shopping essentials are shoes, which every woman has in their closets, and I’m sure in excess. Men do also have shoes, but women have a variety like pumps, sandals, heels, ankle boots or slip-on sandals for women, and the list is never ending.

Many women are obsessed with shoes and love to shop every time they’re out. Others use them as focal points of their attire and hence, make their fashion statements. Many physiologists suggest that different women’s shoes reflect their style, personality and personal interests too. 

They not only serve the purpose of an accessory but are essential to complete look and are functional pieces that can’t be ignored. You can go out without everything else but not without your shoes. The right pair, suitable according to the occasion, can boost your confidence to the next level. Let’s see why shoes are number one choice for many women, when ashing accessories:

1-They Act As A Focal Point:

First impression is the last, and is hard to change. Your shoes can be your focal point of your overall look, if selected wisely and accordingly. Many accessories can integrate your dress and personality but can’t act as a noticeable point for you. 

Purchasing accent colors in shoes like golden or silver, black or white and even red are eye-catching color hues which are appealing for everyone. You can even embellish them with chain anklets to draw more attention to your feet and shoes too. Sometimes a wrong, clashing accessory can ruin your look, and can’t build around too.

2- Give You A Finished Look:

Your shoe selection can actually decide what look you want to give to yourself. Whether you’re in a mood of wearing casual slip-on sandals for women, formals look with high heels, not in a mood of heels, opt for ballet flats or pumps, even if you’re planning for gym go for sneakers and joggers. Your shoes can also give others an impression of what you are up to and what type of an event you’re going to attend by your shoes.

3-They Act As Dual Purpose:

Shoes act as accessories for many people but there’s a lot more than that. They aren’t just used to spruce up your looks but are great functional pieces too. They’re best in saving you from a lot of pain, harsh environments and hassles too. 

An important accessory with which you can’t imagine to come out like other accessories which includes earnings, rings or even bags too. They can save you from extreme temperatures, provide cushion underneath and support your sole, heel and ankles too. This versatility makes these shoes your number 1 choice in the list of accessories.

4-They Are Essential:

 Imagine you’re going out barefoot without any pair of shoes. How would you feel, I’m sure a weird feeling has immediately conquered you. Yes, shoes are essential to everyone, to every gender and for any age group, even to a baby who hasn’t started walking yet. A baby foot is covered by a pair of cute shoes to give them cover and complete their look too. 

If you’re planning to go to a party, wear high heels or long boots, if in cold weather wear boots, in summers wear slip on sandals for women, go to the office and wear decent block heels. So shoes complete your attire plus finalize your whole look. This doesn’t apply to other accessories like scarves, watches or anklets. Shoes are unique, versatile and functional pieces, so don’t overlook them.

5-Shoes Are Important To Health: 

Many people especially women when following fashion and trends ignore a crucial aspect that is health which shouldn’t be overlooked. Shoes not only give you a cover to your bare feet but also give support to your lower back, legs, knees, and overall body, if chosen the correct pair for yourself. Always consider those shoes, which are comfortable and appropriate for that particular event.

6-Shoes Saves From Many Foot Problems:

Shoes can absorb impact when we walk, run or even stand on them. If we don’t wear shoes or wear ill-fitted shoes, it can cause many troubles like corns, ingrown toenail, athlete’s foot and in worst cases bunions can form, which is painful and disfigures the feet very slowly. 

Wearing shoes can protect us from many infections too. Going without them can cause some serious skin problems plus infections too. The skin may contact parasites and insects which we can’t even see from naked eye but they exist. 

Few common are parasitic worms, hookworms, arch bites and many others you could also encounter injuries like by stepping on broken glass, or a rusty nail, or a prickly brush etc. So they give us protection in true means, that can’t any other accessory benefit you like this.

7-Shoes Attracts Opposite Gender:

Women shoes like high heels, embellished pair of heels or lace up edges with some chain anklets appeals the opposite sex, immediately drawing attention towards your sparkle and bling by opposite gender. These heels make you look taller, making your posture much more appropriate and bursting confidence in you, with that new factor and feeling of improvement.

8-Shopping For Shoes Relaxes Many Women:

Many women are addicted to buying shoes even if they’ve same design pair in different colors or may be the same color with different designs. They feel joyful and relaxed, releasing their adrenaline and giving pleasure to neurons transmitting dopamine by shopping, which is so satisfying to many women. Buying the latest designs of shoes makes them happy and content. 


Shoes are an essential wardrobe accessory which is extremely functional and can give you a proper look anytime you wear them. They’re affordable, sometimes expensive but it’s your own choice how much you like to invest in them. Many women are just comfortable in their old styles pairs while others tend to buy the newest design every time but they want it in any case.


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