Buying a lab diamond is the best way to get an environmentally-friendly, conflict-free, and cost-effective diamond. These diamonds look beautiful like natural diamonds, come with the same durability, and cost about 10 to 30% less compared to natural diamonds. This post serves as a guide to buying wholesale lab diamonds. So, continue reading the post to know more about it.

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Lab-created diamonds: The basics

Synthetic or lab-created diamonds are grown in labs as opposed to mined diamonds that grow naturally. Besides, lab-grown diamonds are real unlike diamond simulants such as moissanite or cubic zirconia. Lab-grown diamonds come with the same structure and chemical composition as natural diamonds.

High-pressure high temperature or HPHT and chemical vapour deposition or CVD are the two methods used to create diamonds in the labs. With these techniques, diamonds grow within a few days or weeks. Lab-created diamonds are great alternatives to mined diamonds even when bought wholesale.

Because they are made in labs they are a more environmentally-friendly option and are guaranteed to be conflict-free. Rare Carat is one of the reputable online retailers that have some of the best lab-grown diamonds. Buy Rare Carat man-made diamonds to get authentic lab-created diamonds while making the purchase worthwhile.

Are lab diamonds any better?

It goes without saying that buying lab diamonds is one of the best choices anyone can make when considering engagement rings. When thinking about lab-grown diamonds vs real diamonds, the former option seems a legitimate choice for many people.

Of all the reasons that show why lab-created diamonds are the best, being eco-friendly is the most important one. Although minded diamonds look prettier, they come at a certain cost, especially harming the environment.

Mining diamonds disturbs the habitat, creates mineral waste, pollutes the water, and so on. Additionally, carbon emissions, energy utilization, water usage, etc. have an impact on nature. However, lab-grown diamonds are nowhere near when it comes to creating them at labs.

Apart from that, the pricing of the diamond plays an important role in buying. Because lab diamonds are created in labs, they come at reasonable price tags. Another reason why lab-grown diamonds have become the latest trend when it comes to buying engagement rings. Know more about lab-created diamonds at Rare Carat.

Finding good deals on Rare Carat

When it comes to finding great deals for wholesale lab-created diamonds, Rare Carat is the only way to go. The best part about them is that they don’t have sales agents or retail stores. They operate differently when it comes to selling high-quality man-made diamonds.

Because they don’t have many operational costs, customers can get the best deals when buying diamonds. All they do is connect buyers with reputed sellers. That way, customers always get premium lab-grown diamonds at the best possible prices.

What’s interesting is that Rare Carat provides certain types of promotional offers that buyers can avail of. Sometimes they offer up to 25% off on diamonds. And, there are offers even when a buyer wants to buy wholesale lab diamonds.

With simple and easy steps, anyone can get those offers. Find the section that shows shop for lab or natural diamonds on the homepage of Rare Carat’s website. On the next page, make the selection based on the diamond shape, clarity, cut, color, carat, and price.

The next page displays the list aligning with the choices made previously along with a detailed description of those diamonds. Furthermore, it leads to another detailed information about the item when choosing one.


No denying, lab-created diamonds are the future. When it is about lab-grown diamonds vs real diamonds, the brand that comes to everyone’s mind is Rare Carat. Besides, they are America’s best source of unbiased recommendations when it comes to buying wholesale lab diamonds.

The best part about buying diamonds from Rare Carat is that they have an excellent selection of diamonds to choose from. In short, Rare Carat is the other name for affordable, comprehensive, and outstanding lab diamonds. They compare millions of diamonds and list them on their website.

As such, buyers don’t have to live in constant fear of being cheated. With gemologist checks and GIA certifications, the diamonds on Rare Carat man made diamonds are the best bet. On top of that, 4.9 out of 5.0-star ratings both on Google Business and Trustpilot, further ascertain their quality services.


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