There is a change afoot for the perception of medical marijuanas in Australia thanks to a variety of factors, most importantly, research and development in the space. We’ve certainly come a long way in the few years since its legalisation for medicinal purposes, but there are still a number of glass rooftops to break through before it becomes an OTC product.

The uphill battle that medical marijuanas in Australia are traipsing is filled with restrictive measures, naysayers, outdated systems, and a lot of misinformation perpetuated by generations of preconceived notions.

While medical marijuanas in Australia are not the be-all end-all cure-all miracle that many espouse, there are certain elements of the product that can be truly helpful for certain sects of the population and should therefore shed its undeserved stigma in many respects.

This article will explore the various stigmas that still exist around medical marijuanas in Australia, how far we’ve come, and where we’re heading in the future.

The State Of Medical Marijuanas In Australia

As it stands, medical marijuanas in Australia are legally able to be prescribed by a physician to patients who fit a determinable criterion in the eyes of the doctor. While the states and territories have their own variations and restrictions, the long and short of the fact is that medicinal cannabis can be utilised by patients with a prescription from a doctor.

Stigmas & Standards

It has been a long and winding road for advocates of medicinal cannabis, particularly in the realm of breaking the stigmas that are often associated with the substance, thanks to years of negative media coverage and misinformation (as previously mentioned).

The stigma surrounding cannabis products in the past includes a certain stereotype of laziness or inferiority by the general public, which could not be further from the truth. CBD products typically do not contain a large amount (if any) of THC, which is the psychoactive component of the cannabis plant that people associate with being ‘high’.

Many people who use medical marijuanas in Australia continue through their daily lives and activities with no issue or cognitive dissonance. However, the laws surrounding driving with impairment still detect trace amounts of cannabidiol in a patient’s system for much longer than it has any impact on. This has thrown off many patients who stand to benefit from the product by consulting with their doctor about a prescription.

Where We Are Headed

There is a long way to travel for medical marijuanas in Australia to have the same respect and association in the community as other drugs and prescription options. The difficulty in cultivation and licensing permissions to grow and distribute medical marijuanas in Australia is still quite hard to navigate and get approval for.

The difficulty in cultivation directly correlates with less opportunity for distribution to patients as well as for further research into the efficacy rates for different ailments. Public opinion is starting to sway in the right direction, and the first-hand accounts of patients have only helped the cause.

Like anything, it will be a wait and see future for the medication.


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