A grease gun is one of the most essential tools for any home. It applies to the homestead with a variety of tools. They work by lubricating device parts for smooth operation and reducing friction during workload. As a result, the equipment is less likely to wear out quickly, increasing its durability.

A grease gun is a lubrication tool used in the garage and workshop. Its purpose is to apply grease through specific apertures.┬áThe grease fitting’s channels transport grease to where it is needed. The aperture mostly fits into the equipment’s receiving gap. It aids in the application of grease to areas where it is only needed.

The types of grease guns

  1. Hand-powered grease gun

It works by hand-cracking the trigger part of the gun, which pushes pressure to a string in the lubricant, forcing grease out through an aperture.

  1. Hand-powered grease gun

This gunapplies a zero trigger mechanism. The grease is pushed out by pushing the butt of the gun, which uses pressure on the aperture. A piston slides through the tool’s body pushing grease out.

  1. Air-powered grease gun

This gun uses hoses to direct compressed air to the gun. The air pushes grease through the aperture. It was invented by Russel Gray.

  1. Electric grease gun

This particular gun uses electric motors to drive high-pressure pumps. Most of them are battery-powered and portable. They are relevant to thicker grease types.

The choice of grease guns is dependent on multiple factors. Quality guns spread grease quickly and accurately without causing messes. Below are some of the factors to consider when selecting grease guns.

Pressure rating

Pressure is critical in the application of grease to any tool. This should be possible with the force of your grease gun. There are various pressure ratings ranging from 3000 to 10,000 PSI. This range is important for ensuring proper grease application, especially when varying the size of equipment.

Different pressure applies to additional equipment, so it is necessary to ensure the amount of pressure applied is equivalent to grease gun strength as high pressure damages small equipment. In contrast, low pressure performs shoddy work in large equipment.

Loading types

Three different loading ways exist, which include: cartridge, suction, and bulking. Cartridge emerges as the easiest way of loading grease. However, it is the most expensive way known.

Suction is a bit difficult to use, and bulking is a simple but time-consuming process.

It explains why you should buy a high-quality grease gun that can load grease using the cartridge technique. The grease gun price in Kenya varies depending on the size and quality of the gun and equipment to be lubricated. It is therefore prudent to keep this in mind when selecting your preferred grease gun.

Hose length

Grease application, especially in small and tight spaces, is difficult and requires a hose flexible grease gun. Grease gun models ranging from 18 to 42 inches are available in the market. Make sure to choose a grease gun that will suit your equipment properly.


Grease guns are essential in any workshop or home. However, as previously stated, the selection of a high-quality grease gun is dependent on a number of factors. When investing in one, make sure you make the right decision.

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