The question remains in the trust in already used goods and items. You will, surely, have a positive response to this if you follow the right procedure to acquire such items. At the end of this article, you will be ready to buy a used but quality washing machine.

The age of an item matters to its functioning in a way that efficiency reduces with an increase in age. However, if one maintains an item properly, it will remain quality a few years later. Such can be good for sale if the buyer follows the procedures below:

Start it at a cold start

Before further negotiations, you should inform the seller not to perform any starting activity on the machine before you arrive. For instance, some may warm the machine earlier so that it becomes easy to start on your arrival. On the contrary, this may not be the case if the cold started. This will ensure that you will not have problems starting it at your convenience.

Analyze the owner

The environment and conduct of the owner can simply tell something about the subject. Some people have a deep belief that intuition works well to identify the trust in something. This is thus the time to get that. Good analysis of the owner therefore can send signals towards the trustworthiness of the owner and even the product.

Check for leaks

Before purchasing, connect the pump to a hose and confirm for any leakage. Pump blocks with major leakages are very expensive to repair. Despite the pressure washing machine price in Kenya being high, sometimes it may be preferable to buy a new one than repair a leaking machine. The repair and the buying price could equal the actual cost of a new one.

Read the manual and confirm parts

The manual contains the details of the machine and the description of its original form. It also aids to know the actual age. In the course of use, the owner may alter or replace some parts unprofessionally, which may affect its working. You can then inquire about those changes. If not available, you can get a manual of the same kind through online sources.

Test the engine

In the presence of the owner, start the engine and confirm how many pulls you need to make for it to work. Also, check on its sound, exhaust color, and engine blocks. All these should be normal without alteration. In any case, you may compare their condition with the information in the manual and from the general knowledge.

Have many options

When sellers find out that you are desperate for the item, it will be a good chance for them to steal from you. To avoid this, have as many options as possible and choose the best from them. This will make you not desperate. Also, you will have the best machine among many other choices at a lower cost.


Second-hand items raise an unending discussion since some think of them positively while others negatively. There is no standard rating for these items. Despite the negative perceptions, you can own a very good pressure washing machine if you consider the above cautions.


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