Dogs, sometimes known as “man’s best friend,” have been the focus of various scientific studies to see if they may help us improve our health. In this Spotlight, we’ll show you how your loving canine may help you stay safe in different ways.

It’s unknown when dogs were initially bred, but a research released this year by Reliable Source estimates that dogs were raised in capitivity between 20 and 40 thousand years ago.

Of course, our wolf cousins have always done an excellent job of defending us and and other stuff, as well as livestock, guarding our homes and other valuables. People have taught canines to aid them in hunting throughout history, and they have produced a variety of strange-looking breeds for the appeal or beauty.

Puppies, on the other side, are — and may still are — cherished friends, renowned for their devotion and uncanny ability to make their owners smile.

In this Article, we’ll look at studies that reveals how our pets make people happier, stronger when we’re anxious, and generally better, to name a few perks. This information in this post was made possible with the expert advice from a dog walking company in San Francisco.

How dogs help you stay healthy

As reviewsTrusted Source of the current literature reveals, owning dogs as pets have been linked to improved physical health in several research. These findings have not changed.

Having a dog, according to a research published in Medical News Today last year, decreases a person’s chance of early mortality by up to 30 per cent.

According to Harvard University researchers in Cambridge, MA, dog lovers had a decreased risk of heart attack.

What exactly is the rationale behind this? It’s difficult to prove a link between having a dog and having a higher quality of life.

However, the benefits may arise as a result of a number of factors related to the lifestyle adjustments that people choose to make after adopting a canine friend.

Dogs have the potential to boost our health not only as we age, but even before we are born.

Children who have been exposed to dogs while still in the uterus — as a result of their moms spending some time with dogs during pregnancy — had a decreased chance of acquiring dermatitis in early infancy, according to a research published last year.

In addition, asthma symptoms were reduced in children who have been exposed to some dog-borne viruses.

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Dogs provide joy to their owners.

Dogs give you “feel-good vibes” very immediately, which is arguably the most obvious benefit of having a canine friend in your life.

Even if you’ve had a rough day at work, it’s difficult not to smile when you’re met by a great dog who greets you with — often noisy — excitement.

According to specialists, this is connected to the activity of the “love and admiration chemical” oxytocin.

According to the writers of a research published in Theamerican journal in Psychology, the use of animals in therapy, education, and care has expanded considerably in recent decades.

Our oxytocin levels rise when we engage with dogs. This “love injection” hormone boosts our psychological well-being since it is crucial for public connection.

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