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A report by Gartner states that the growth of AWS cloud is so immense that it is 10 times as compared to its fourteen competitors combined.

Isn’t it amazing?

AWS is consistently expanding and a majority of big, medium-sized, and small organizations are adopting AWS for leveraging services offered by it.

This is the best time to enroll yourself in an AWS Cloud Architect Certification Course in New York to get AWS Solutions Architect Certification. This is because the certification can earn you huge salaries starting from USD 108,000 and can go high with training, skills, certification, location, and experience.

One important reason for getting a certification in AWS is that their costs are reasonable.

Next is that the cloud forms the future of business technology. Every business, regardless of the size and type, is looking to adopt the cloud for various services offered by it. This is because there are various benefits of adopting the cloud that include reduced costs and improved ROIs. Also, the services offered by the cloud are fast, economical, advanced, and with better features. Furthermore, there is no need for high maintenance or complex integration.

AWS has a program for subject matter experts and only AWS certified professionals are the ones who are qualified for this program. SMEs are accountable for arranging workshops that’s why it is a crucial part of the exam development process.

The market share of AWS in the cloud computing market is around 47.1% and is by far the largest provider of cloud services across the globe.

Out of many certifications and job roles available in the landscape of AWS, AWS Certified Solutions Architect is by far the most promising and highly paying one.

What is AWS Certified Solutions Architect?

A category of technical certifications issued by AWS, AWS Certified Solutions Architect is meant for beginners and IT professionals who are involved in running enterprise architecture programs and also for solutions architects.

The certification covers AWS best practices, deployment of AWS systems, and many other topics.

The Solutions Architect- Associate syllabus consists of the following topics:

  • Design Resilient Architectures (30%)
  • Design High-Performance Architectures (28%)
  • Design Secure Applications and Architectures (24%)
  • Design Cost-Optimized Architectures (18%)

Some of the clear benefits of getting AWS Solutions Architect Associate Certification are:

  • Increases your marketability to employers
  • This certification is consistently among the top 3 highly-paid IT certifications among all cloud vendors
  • It provides solid credentials with anticipated growth of 70% in the next five years

If you work as an AWS Solutions Architect, it requires you to utilize your skills, knowledge, and expertise in developing advanced cloud-based solutions and shift existing workloads to the cloud.

A typical day in the life of an AWS Solutions Architect includes tasks such as:

  • Meeting with sales and customers
  • Solving problems
  • Variety
  • Staying updated
  • Time Management

Meeting with Sales and Customers

The most important task as a Solutions Architect is architecting solutions. For accomplishing this task, you will be required to arrange meetings with sales/customers. Most of the work involves developing solutions for the problems of customers, though some SAs don’t focus on customers, rather they focus on products.

Solving problems

The major part of your role as a Solutions Architect is dedicated to designing solutions to fulfill customer requirements as well as business objectives. This also includes building technical solutions and deliverables of pre-sales for supporting customer goals. So, it is all about solving problems.

You are supposed to formulate solution plans and guide on best practices of AWS. This may include estimating costs and identifying cost control mechanisms and selecting AWS services on the basis of computing, data, security, and database requirements.

You are also responsible for designing scalable, fault-tolerant, and highly-available systems on AWS.


Since you have to accomplish too many different tasks depending on where you work and the role you play. You may be required to work on migrations, write scripts, troubleshoot, or keep up with new features of AWS, travel with customers to onsite meetings.

Time Management

The most important aspect of designing solutions is when you accomplish this within time constraints. Excellent time management skills are required to do so. Managing tasks on time, planning your day, and scheduling time for projects is a crucial part of your job role as a Solutions Architect.

Staying Updated

Like the technology, AWS services are consistently evolving. In order to best leverage services offered by AWS, you have to stay updated. You are required to learn and research the latest offerings of AWS and stay on top of best practices such that you can successfully improve already existing AWS solutions.

If you are preparing to become AWS Solutions Architect, a training course may help you stay updated with recent changes and the latest AWS solutions.

What is the Average Salary of an AWS Solutions Architect?

AWS Solutions Architect is reported to be the highest-paying credential in the USA and Canada,  with an average salary of USD 118,266.

It is important to note that the average annual salary of an AWS certified professional is nearly 30% higher than the average certified professional.

The entry-level salary of an AWS Solutions Architect in India is around INR 6,74,000. At a mid-career, when you have earned an experience of 5-9 years, you can earn up to INR 13,85,844. Professionals with more than ten years of experience can earn as high as INR 19,49,574. The salary may reach up to a level of more than INR 24 lakhs annually with experience of more than 20 years.


One of the most important reasons for pursuing an AWS Certified Solutions Architect is the huge perks it may make you earn.

To get certified, the best and most feasible way of getting certified is to take up an online training course. These courses are specifically crafted for professionals who wish to learn at their own pace, go through real-life projects, and get top-class training.

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