Eau De Parfum is a very popular product when it comes to fragrances as it stays around even after the person wearing it is not. This makes selecting the scent a very personal choice and before you do so, here’s everything you need to know about Eau De Parfum and how to buy perfume online. We’ve also combined a list of some of the best EDPs that you can get your hands on.

What Is An EDP?

Eau De Parfum is a liquid containing a percentage of fragrant oils that is greater than in Eau De Toilette. It lasts on the skin without giving people next to you a headache and doesn’t transfer onto someone else’s skin easily. It stays on for a long period of time and should still be detectable when you undress later. Eau De Parfum contains a very low amount of alcohol to guarantee skin tolerance. So, if you are the one suffering from sensitive skin, Eau De Parfum will decrease the likelihood of an adverse reaction to your skin. Not sure what kind of scent will uplift your mood? Shopping for a fragrance can seem complex and to help you ease the process, we’re here with some of the best Lancôme fragrances that you can buy online. Read ahead to know more and buy perfume online.

Lancôme EDPs

1.     Miracle Eau De Parfum

Looking for a delightful, inspiring and spiced finish? The Miracle Eau De Parfum is the perfect pick for you. This perfume is a symbol for celebrating the beauty of life and smells like the dawning of a new day. It opens with notes of Lychee and Freesia followed by notes of Jasmine, Ginger, Pepper, Magnolia, Amber and Musk.

2.     La Vie Est Belle Eau De Parfum

Lancôme La Vie Est Belle is a perfume for females who love the floral, fruity and fresh scent. This Eau De Parfume leaves a savoury, feminine, intoxicating and long-lasting fragrance and is a great option for daily wear, including all important occasions of your life. It features notes of Indonesian patchouli, Florentine Iris pallida, iris aldehyde, Tunisian orange blossom, jasmine sambac, vanilla, black currant and more sustainably sourced ingredients.

3.     Trésor Eau De Parfum

This Eau De Parfum is for ladies who like powerful notes of leather. Lancôme’s Trésor has notes of rose, peaches, apricots, lilac, amber, sandalwood, musk and vanilla. It reveals a combination of tenderness and generosity with every spritz.

To buy these perfumes online, head to the Lancôme website to choose your everyday perfume and browse through a wide range of Eau De Parfums to feel and smell like divine all day long!


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