Training Management Software is software for managing your training, which makes it easier to plan and execute your corporate training. It allows you to record, monitor, and track training activities in a simple yet comprehensive way. Harrington Group International is the best in the training management software industry and offers a variety of comprehensive solutions to help you manage your training.

What does Training Management Software do for my business?

1. It helps you to develop a training strategy and track your progress

The employee training management system will ensure that you have a clear understanding of the training requirements, and provide you with the tools to analyze and track the outcomes. More than just a simple planning tool, your employee training management system can give insight into the effectiveness of your training strategy, and help to develop new strategies for future training initiatives.

2. It gives you greater control over the training process

Training management software allows you to communicate your training needs to employees and allows for easy tracking of employee progress. Training tools allow you to communicate with your employees according to their situations, both in a group and one-on-one environment. This ensures that all of your employees are kept up-to-date on changes, are aware of their training requirements, and can easily access information when they need it.

3. More effective training saves money

Training management software delivers benefits from an initial cost-saving perspective. The average cost per employee for training is between $2,000-3,000 employee per year. This figure doesn’t account for the additional costs of lost productivity and decreased morale caused by ineffective training. Training management software gives you more control over your training process and can significantly reduce these costs over time.

4. Prevent training from becoming obsolete

Training Management Software can easily be updated to meet new government regulations and regulations regarding HR policy, making it easy to comply with these changes. Training management software can also be configured for other business processes and industry-specific requirements, such as compliance training or safety training. With time and changes to workplace procedures, training management software can become outdated if it is not being updated to ensure that it remains relevant to the business needs of your company.

5. Make Training Easier, Smarter & Faster

Firms who wish to save time and money on training can use online training management software to record, manage, deliver and track their courses. Training managers can make their professional lives easier by using online training management software to record employee learning requirements, set up employee self-learning activities, or send employees on e-learning courses. Further to this, firms can use training management software to access e-learning courses and assessments developed by subject matter experts or third-party providers. This allows training managers to manage their learning programs more effectively and provides them with a greater number of options when it comes to finding relevant training courses.

6. Increase workforce productivity

Training management software can help to increase workforce productivity. The use of training management software allows for more effective learning activities, as it allows for the creation of training programs based on the needs of a particular group or employee. This allows training managers to focus on their most important tasks, such as defining and delivering courses.

By hiring Harrington Group International to implement a new training management system, your local business will benefit from more time to focus on your core business. HGI Company has access to the best training management software solutions, providing all the necessary tools to ensure that you are fully prepared to implement a new powerful training management system. Contact us today to start the implementation of a new training management system!


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