Most likely you know about chlorophyll from your school days. In biology class, you have learned the substance is the reason behind the green colour of plants. However, did you know that it is available as a supplement to boost your health?

Like Charcoal Latte, Skinny Teas, or Mushroom Coffee, chlorophyll is the latest talk in the town. With a range of benefits, people are running after the miracle water. From chlorophyll shots to supplements, there are many ways to consume the liquid.

While everyone is talking about chlorophyll benefits, you may want to know the risks of consuming liquid chlorophyll. Gladly, there are not many risks of taking chlorophyll. However, some people should monitor the intake of chlorophyll. In this blog, we will share the benefits of drinking liquid chlorophyll. Moreover, you will get to know the risks of drinking the green liquid as well.

Benefits of Drinking Chlorophyll

When it comes to chlorophyll benefits, there is a lot to talk about. From wound treatment to cancer prevention, it gives you numerous benefits. Thankfully, we have compiled of list of benefits and here they are:

Skin Improvement

Chlorophyll helps in improving your skin tone by preventing acne and inflammation. Ointments that contain chlorophyll reduce inflammation and improve skin condition. Furthermore, it improves skin complexion as well. Thankfully, it helps you get rid of acne in the long run. People who are fed up with acne problems should consider using chlorophyll in some form. You can also get to know more about the Alpha Brain review here.

Wound Treatment

In the late 1940s, doctors revealed the positive impact of chlorophyllin on wounds. According to the Linus Pauling Institute at Oregon State University, the compound has a deodorising effect on foul-smelling wounds. Chlorophyll is a mandatory ingredient of various ointments that are used to clean wounds because it decreases inflammation. Moreover, it speeds up the process of healing. Gladly, today you can get these products by prescription in the United States.

Internal Deodorant

People with alleviating body odour can improve their condition with chlorophyll. One of the chlorophyll benefits includes reducing body odours. Trimethylaminuria (TMAU) is a condition when the body can’t convert trimethylamine (a chemical in the gut) into a different chemical. Unfortunately, it results in bad mouth odour.

Gladly, when patients have used chlorophyllin, they notice a significant improvement in their condition. They had a higher concentration of non-smelling chemicals after the treatment. The study concluded that people suffering from TMAU can use miracle water to reduce bad odours. Additionally, when you consume liquid chlorophyll, there is a reduction in urinary and faecal odours as well.

Weight Loss

One of the most popular health concerns in the world is obesity. Due to inactive lifestyles, the world population is suffering from obesity, which is the major cause of most diseases. Thankfully, chlorophyll is a promising compound to reduce your weight.

A small study on a group of 38 girls was conducted in 2014. Some girls used chlorophyll supplements during their weight loss journey. Surprisingly, they lose more weight compared to girls who didn’t take the supplement. Moreover, girls witnessed a reduction in harmful cholesterol levels as well. For now, there is not enough evidence to say that chlorophyll caused reduced cholesterol levels.

Antioxidant and Anticancer Properties

When it comes to chlorophyll benefits, cancer prevention is one of the major reasons why you should start drinking miracle water. Due to antioxidant properties, chlorophyll delays or prevents oxidative cell damage. Ultimately, it reduced the chances of suffering from cancer.

From liver to stomach tumours, chlorophyll reduces the chances of various cancers. During animal studies, it is revealed that chlorophyll reduces the size of tumours.  However, we are still waiting for human trials.

Aflatoxin is a toxin that causes cancer. It is found in human trials that chlorophyll reduces ingestion of aflatoxin. Furthermore, this revelation is in line with a Chinese study that revealed a 55 percent reduction in aflatoxin after taking chlorophyll regularly. Fortunately, more studies are being conducted to understand chlorophyll and its anti-cancer properties.

Risks of Drinking Chlorophyll

People have been taking chlorophyll supplements safely for more than 50 years. Fortunately, there are no risks of taking liquid chlorophyll. However, some people with certain medical conditions need to get permission from their healthcare provider.

People who are suffering from cancer, rheumatoid, and psoriasis take methotrexate medicine. Chlorophyll can slow down the process of methotrexate clearance from the body. If you want to drink chlorophyll, you must discuss it with your doctor before taking it.

At the moment, no research explains chlorophyll’s effects on pregnant or breastfeeding women. To ensure your safety, it is better to avoid drinking chlorophyll during pregnancy. Skin irritation is another possible side effect of taking liquid chlorophyll. However, it is a very rare and moderate side effect. Some people report a few mild side effects of taking chlorophyll supplements. Here are these side effects:

  • Nausea
  • Stomach cramps
  • Vomiting
  •  Diarrhoea
  • Green stools


Chlorophyll benefits range from cancer prevention to weight loss. Due to the lack of human trials, most of these benefits are not confirmed by authorities. However, many studies are on the way to understand the impact of chlorophyll on humans.

Fortunately, there are no significant risks of consuming liquid chlorophyll. It allows most people to add chlorophyll water to their diet. With so many benefits, there is no reason why you ignore it. Here it is important to mention that you must consult your healthcare provider before taking chlorophyll if you are taking any medications.


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