People love making a ponytail while going outside as it gives a fun and cool look. It is also a quick hairstyle and comfortable during the summers. But sometimes, making a ponytail may not be preferred due to the problem of short or thin hair.

Human hair ponytail extension solves this problem of short and thin ponytails. These extensions are a strand of one piece wrapped around extensions available in different colors, lengths, and textures. One can choose the ponytail extensions based on the preference of one’s hair.

The human hair ponytail extension has a clip attached to the base, which is used to tuck with the ponytail. This extension is an easy way to add volume, density, and length to one’s hair.

Different types of human hair ponytail extensions

Clip-in human hair extensions

These are the easiest and quickest hair extensions to use. A person attaches the clips at the base of the extension, and it hardly takes 10 to 15 minutes to tuck into one’s permanent hair. It can be self-done. These are quick to remove as the clips are easy to open. This extension is the least damaging as the clips involve no chemicals.

Tape-in human hair extensions

These extensions are as the name suggests. It comes with glue or tape at the base of the extension. One cannot use it alone at home as it requires alignment with the roots. A typical hairdresser is required to put this extension.

This extension requires some heated tool to apply so that the glue is melted and applied to the hairs easily. Then, when you’re trying to remove them, you need to remove them with the help of a glue remover and reinstall them.

This process of adding tape-in extensions takes about 40 minutes to 1 hour. Then, if the extensions are in good condition, a person uses them again.

Sew-in human hair extensions/Weave

This type of extension is applied to natural hair that is braided first and made into cornrows. Then, the sew-in hair extension is sewed into the braid or the cornrows using a needle and a thread. The weave type of hair extension is popular among people having thicker hair.

This process takes many hours. The weave hair extension is applied only by professional hairdressers as it requires the technical application of sewing. This type of hair extension is prevalent as it is permanent, and the hair cannot come out.

Fusion and pre-bonded human hair extensions

In this type of extension, the extension is fused to one’s natural hair by applying different kinds of adhesives such as glue. This process takes 3 to 4 hours. This extension also cannot be self-applied. It requires a hairdresser.

Fusion hair extension requires a machine similar to the glue gun that glues every extension strand with the natural hair. Another option for fusing the hair is using a heat clamp that melts the glue to the natural hair.

Micro links human hair extensions

It’s also known as a micro bead human hair extension or a micro loop human hair extension. These are applied using a small silicone-lined bead to affix microscopic wefts of extensions to the permanent hair. A tool is used to attach the bead and tighten it to its location.

Even though this process does not require heat or glue, it should be carried out by a professional. Otherwise, it could be harmful to the hair.

Wigs and hair pieces

Wigs are used to cover one’s entire head. These are used to replace your hair. These are available in different forms, lengths, and colors. Wigs are usually applied when anyone is bald, suffers from hair loss, or changes one’s style.


These ponytail hair extensions appear totally natural and feel absolutely real. Thanks to the comb and ties, you can move around as much as you want without thinking about the pony coming off. Overall, you should feel pretty comfortable experimenting with these on your own.


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