Alberta is the fastest growing province throughout all of Canada thanks in part to the job boom happening but it’s also helped by the lost cost of living. While things are still more expensive in the cities than they would be in more rural areas, when matched up against other equal cities, those in Alberta always then win for multiple reasons. 

The cost is a major aspect of that but it’s also what Alberta offers its residents no matter where they are in the province. From lower tax bills to some of the cleanest cities in the world, it’s no surprise new and long-term residents alike are thrilled with the cities they live in. 

St. Albert

There’s more to life than the city grind and professional opportunities for those looking to settle down and have a safe, comfortable life for themselves and their families. If that’s where your priorities are, but you aren’t looking to be too disconnected from a more major city, checking out the options for St Albert real estate might be the right move for you. 

It’s only a few miles from Edmonton so the big city is there whenever you need it, but residents also get to experience a more friendly and slower-paced kind of living. St. Albert is also known to be one of the healthy cities in the country so there are plenty of local outdoor options for keeping your family healthy and active.


While all cities throughout Alberta are known for how well kept they are, Calgary globally ranks as one of the cleanest cities in the world year after year. To those who haven’t had the chance to spend time in the city might not think much of it, but spend just a little time here and you’ll surely notice it once you are somewhere else and that place just doesn’t seem as clean as you thought. 

Alberta, as a whole, is known for its energy output and Calgary is leading the charge on that front. No matter which corner of the energy sector you are involved, or interested in, there’s going to be plenty of work in the city for you.

 More job opportunities mean employers need to be as competitive as possible to keep their talent. For those making Calgary their home, that’ll translate directly to a better quality of life and higher wages for you.

Red Deer

For those who can’t decide if they want to be anchored to Edmonton or Calgary, be it for personal or professional reasons, by living in Red Deer there’s no need to make the choice. It’s an equal distance to both so whenever a trip to either is needed, both cities are right there. While that’s a major benefit of living in the Calgary-Edmonton corridor, it’s not the only reason to do so. 

Red Deer itself is still a proper city although a smaller one and is known for plenty of career opportunities for those across the professional spectrum. It’s also home to some of the best schools in all of Alberta which makes it obviously wise to bring up a family right in Red Deer.


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