A type of seed known as feminized. It has different types of feminized seeds that specifically bred only to produce female plants. Commercial growers are choosing this more and more because female plants typically yield more and produce better crops. This type of plant usually goes through a process to feminize the seed, which means it is treated with a chemical agent that will cause the male plant to die. The female plant will only become female, and the male will not be fertilized if the seed is used.

Females are often used when growing cannabis for its medicinal properties because they typically produce better results and more potent concentrations of THC than males. A “feminized” marijuana seed has been specially cultivated to produce a single gender of plants for most of its life cycle. Because it produces so many female plants, this kind of seed does not do as well commercially because less yield can be produced out-of-competition by other males.

What are Feminized Seeds?

Female marijuana plants are normally the best choice for medicinal or recreational cannabis use. They produce much higher concentrations of THC, the active ingredient in marijuana. Male plants usually have a much lower THC concentration, so growers choose only to grow female plants. Marijuana is commonly cultivated in Northern California, Oregon, and Canada because they are countries where growing cannabis is legal. The seeds must be planted inside to get the best results from growing them in a controlled environment with proper nutrition, water, and temperature controls. It must also be grown away from certain types of chemicals that might interfere with growth or harm the plants.

What are they used for?

Plants grown from feminized seeds do not produce male plants and are almost entirely female. These plants produce much better crops with highly concentrated THC. These plants are also much easier to grow than traditional seeds. Marijuana is grown out of competition typically has a lower concentration of THC because it might have come in contact with other males. This means the female plant dies off during that growth, so this type of seed can be sold cheaper than its normal counterparts. Feminized seeds are rarely used because they are usually much more expensive, take longer to grow, and yield much lower than traditional seeds. These plants can also get mixed up with other plants because they are similar.

Most Interesting Facts about Feminized Seeds:

Females are more expensive to purchase and produce a much lower yield than males. They also usually take longer to mature, so there is a higher risk of low yields because time is not taken for the plant to mature. Most people tend not to purchase these seeds because they are so expensive and produce very low yields for what it’s worth. They have lower concentration levels of THC but have been shown to help with the plant’s medical properties.  Many growers choose not to use them because they feel they have lower yields and take longer than normal seeds, which means more time and money investment is required to produce the same amount of cannabis plants for sale.

The females are also more susceptible to mold attacking them, so they must receive adequate light and nutrients. The feminized seeds are also harder to get because there aren’t many places you can go and purchase them, so if you cannot find them in a local store, it is a hassle. They’re more expensive than traditional seeds too, but the quality of the plants is much higher when grown from them. Growers choose not to use them because they lug around the extra expense and time spent on growing and rearing the plants and also because males don’t produce as much cannabis.


Feminized seeds have higher amounts of THC and are much easier to grow because you don’t have to deal with the plant’s reproductive process. They’re also nearly impossible to find, and most commercial growers choose not to use them because they produce so little after a certain period. These plants also produce lower yields than normal seeds, which makes it hard for growers on tight budgets to meet their sales goals. The plants grown from these seeds require more care and time and are sometimes not as potent as those grown from traditional, non-feminized viable seeds.


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