Tourism is travel for respite, entertainment, or business purpose. The term tourism is called affair in human life. Traveling is very foremost for a good life. Tourism was developed many years ago; it is an economic activity common in both developed and developing countries.

Tourists visit and mesmerize the beauty of different places and have fun. Tourism affects the economy of the country. Tourism is very common nowadays; people are traveling and exploring the world. However, some people consider it a luxury, and only rich people can afford to travel. But, the reality is not the same!

This article will discuss the travel and tourism essays; keep reading if you want to know more!

What is a tourism and travel essay?

Most educational institutes assign students assignments related to travel and tourism, like tourism and travel essays. You have to share your experience and describe traveling and its impacts.

You can also read some travel blogs to understand because they are almost identical. It involves deep research and brief analysis of a specific place that helps people.

An essay on tourism is not simple; it is quite challenging as you have to add true information about the place that requires a lot of research. It would help if you had some expertise in writing.

Write the essay in a storytelling way and try to add informative content to it. If you think you do not have the skills to write a tourism essay, you can hire an essay writer. A professional traveling writer can assist you in a better way. The writer completes your assignment easily within no time.

How can you write a travel and tourism essay?

Do you want to craft a tourism essay and wonder how to write it? Writing this assignment is a difficult task, but your essay will be great if you write it efficiently by following these tips:

  • Outline the topic you want to discuss before starting writing. Structure your arguments, evidence, and analysis to add to the essay.
  • Always add the relevant data in the essay. Padding your essay with irrelevant and tangential material will not attract readers, so avoid doing that.
  • Write in simple English, do not use fancy words. Adding expensive words and difficult sentences will not earn you points.
  • Craft the paragraph in a sequence. Make sure to design the essay in a logical sequence; each heading relates to one another. Otherwise, the reader will get confused.
  • Try to add references in your essay; it will make your essay more informative and attractive. Avoid repeating words and text.
  • Revise it more than two times, and check if there is any grammar, punctuation, or spelling mistake.

Rubrics you can add to your essay:

Some important topics you can add to your travel and tourism will improve the quality of your writing:

Things that attract tourists:

You can add the destinations that attract the tourist most in your writing. Discuss the history of that place and other famous things about the place. For example, the Taj Mahal in India attracts tourists and historical momentum in India.

The hospitality of the place:

 Write about the nature and behavior of locals with tourists and travelers. The way they host them is very important, and most people research it.  

Travel expenses:

Travel expenses are a good point; you can discuss them in your writing. The expenditure to visit a place are very important but always do enough research before writing anything.

The characteristics your essay should have:

  1. Your essay’s clear, informative, and attractive introduction is very important. Contain the outline of things you are going to discuss in the essay.
  2. Contain appropriate and relevant headings and subheadings.
  3. Relevant theory, up-to-date statistics, original references, and evidence will improve your writing.  
  4. In the end, a strong conclusion is very important.
  5. The format, method, and structure of the essay should be very decent.


In this article, we have briefly disused how a student can write a travel and tourism essay. Writing a is a very difficult task, as one has to add his own experiences. However, by following simple tips and tricks, anyone can write an interesting and fun to read essay without putting much effort!


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