Being one of the largest tech companies in the world, Apple frequently introduces products that change people’s lives. This firm introduced the first smartphone that transformed the mobile phone industry. It invented ways of making tech gadgets more user-friendly than they were before. Therefore, everyone wants to know what Apple is planning to introduce now!

If you take interest in new technologies, you will certainly want to know what this company is up to! The simplest way of getting all the Apple updates is by following news portals and blogs that publish Apple news.

Do not worry if you have not bookmarked top Apple news and blog sites. Here you can find the top 5 online platforms to get the latest updates on new Apple products and technologies.

The Best Apple News and Blog Sites

All the featured websites and blogs are unique. They cover everything from new technologies Apple is trying to develop to gadgets this company may launch soon. You will get in-depth knowledge of the company’s latest activities to know what is coming next.

So, let’s find out the best web portals to get Apple’s latest updates:


This website covers all the Mac and Apple rumors, news, and reports published by the company. Arnold Kim had launched this platform in 2000 and he owns it. This platform consolidates cross-referencing claims and reports to discover and publish rumors about the company.

It claims to deliver news and rumors Apple users want to know. It frequently adds new news and rumors to provide something new to read about the company. Most users in the Apple community prefer this platform to reveal the tech giant’s latest ventures.

This website has more than 1,012,130 members who use its Mac-focused forum site to make millions of posts. It provides the latest buyer’s guide to help customers buy the latest Apple products.

MacRumors readers know what to buy and when to buy if they are planning to invest in Apple products. If you also want to reveal Apple facts before others, you should read blogs and news published on this site.


Many websites claim to post news about what’s new Apple is planning to launch or invent. Very few websites provide genuine news and HotAppleNews. is the best among those sites! This platform entertains loyal Mac and iPhone customers who want to get the best solutions for their devices.

HotAppleNews frequently publishes new blogs and news covering everything from buyer’s guides to upcoming gadgets. It is the largest Apple gadget review portal. It provides information on what new features the existing and upcoming gadgets may provide. This platform also keeps sharp eye on all the rumors and posts made by the Apple community.

It identifies and publishes reliable information to entertain readers and improve your knowledge about the company. It got a team of enthusiastic researchers who work round the clock to find meaningful information. Their hard work and dedication have made HotAppleNews the most reliable place to get trustworthy Apple News.


This website specializes in breaking exclusive Apple news. It always tries to be the first web portal to report major announcements and news made by the tech giant. It is not one of those platforms that publish sensational news just to get views and subscribers.

9to5Mac publishes only digestible information and its team of publishers crosschecks all the details before publishing a new blog or news. 9to5Mac tries its best to feature information in an entertaining, interesting, and compelling way.

You get updates on what Apple may launch and what it might do to attract more buyers. Besides, you get guides and a dedicated page for all the Apple products on this platform.


MacWorld has been around since 1984. It started publishing the latest Apple news in printed magazines. It became the common users’ only source of information regarding the latest products and technologies Apple may introduce. It was a Macintosh-focused magazine at that time and later it covered other Apple products as well.

Today, MacWorld has become one of the largest digital platforms to get the latest updates on Apple products. It offers news and information on everything the company is doing. Whether you want to learn about new gadgets, technologies, or the company’s internal matters, MacWorld is a reliable place to find the information.

5. AppleInsider

Every existing and potential Apple customer wants to discuss features, benefits, and issues associated with the company’s products. Users seek a platform where they can find the latest info and assess how it will affect their lives.

AppleInsider is the platform users demand to find interesting stories, news, rumors, and guides. This website offers many resources, news, auctions, and guides to entertain its readers. You must bookmark this site if you want to gain knowledge of Apple’s past and future activities.

AppleInsider got a huge user base and it is known for delivering reliable company info. That’s why it’s on our list of top Apple news and blog sites.

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