If it is time to choose the look and feel of your Shopify store, you majorly have three suggestions:

  • A full theme setup, where all the pages on your website will be made of pre-designed templates.
  • A complete customized setup, where all the pages on your website will be customized according to you and your store.
  • A hybrid build where a large number of the pages will be pre-designed and some pages will be custom-designed.

However, every approach has its pros and cons, depending on your needs and requirements:

A pre-designed-theme website is low in cost and quickest to make, but they don’t have too many options for customization. You can also risk that your website looks like everyone else who has chosen the same theme.

A fully customized website will provide a highly branded experience and give you control over all aspects of your website. Still, obviously they are costlier to design and develop and may take more time.

On the other hand, the hybrid approach includes the best of both worlds- it costs you reasonably and doesn’t take too much time to set up. You also end up setting your brand and unique designs through the customized options. If your customization budget is low, keep it restricted for high-impact pages such as your home page and product page. If you still have a budget, you can squeeze your cart page to the list.

The rest of the pages, such as About Us, Blogs, Collections, and FAQ, can be well-handled by the theme page. Your Shopify expert can style those pages according to your brand even with the theme limitations. If you try to keep things lean, it is a great way to commence.

The hybrid method has become quite popular with ecommerce store owners, and hence Shopify development agencies have considered using the right mixed themes to build Shopify stores.

Choose your provider cautiously

An essential decision to make here is from whom you should buy the theme? Well, there are hundreds of theme providers around. It is important to discuss it with your Shopify expert and decide the theme according to your store goals and concept. Always choose high-quality, unique themes with clean, well-written codes. Never go for crappy cheap themes as it may repel your visitors.

Only concentrate on what you need

If you have opted for a hybrid approach, it is simple to get distracted by pages with themes you will not be using. For instance, if you like the Theme X homepage and the other pages are just satisfactory, you will prefer to move ahead with the customized home page to get the awesome feeling.

However, it is important to pay attention to the more important pages. Compare the themes side by side to make a decision.

Moreover, your Shopify expert will give you the additional help you need to jot down all you like and dislike about the themes while you browse.

So, go ahead and decide on your Shopify theme with your Shopify expert now!


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