My family recently booked a Ramangara camping trip in Bangalore for me and my family from thrillophilia. This was definitely one of the most extraordinary experiences of my life. As a camping enthusiast, I was thrilled when I came across this 2 days and one night stay camping in Ramanagara area of Bangalore. Away from the usual hustle of the Bangalore city, this is definitely one of the most serene places to head onto if you want to enjoy lush greenery and pollution free environment. Based upon Thrillophilia reviews we signed up for this camping expedition and had the most amusing times of our life.

Ramanagara is situated at a drive of 60 kilometres away from the Bangalore airport. Me and my family thoroughly enjoyed the 2 hour drive, and were greeted by nothing but lush greenery and verdant forests along our way. The Ramanagara hills are extremely panoramic and we spotted beautiful cafes, roadside shops, and food vendors that added more charm to the beauty of these countryside camping destinations. The entire campsite is hilly and allows one to marvel over the tropical views as far as your eyes can see. Upon arrival we were greeted by the representatives who guided us to our camping locations and helped us set up the entire tent.

Just as suggested in Thrillophilia reviews the camping location was picturesque and the tents were extremely comfy and spacious. As a family of four, we took two tents, which came with essential beddings, and other furniture. Post all this, we enjoyed a welcome drink and headed to explore all the thrilling activities that were included in the package. If you are visiting with your family, then we highly suggest that you take part in all family adventure games. The camping authorities have set up splendid and  interactive group sports for all the tourists, which made our excursion more fun. We got to interact with different families and ended up having a fascinating time.

Some of the fun and exquisite games were the adventure game, which included water basketball, Jumbo cricket, Water volleyball, Human Football, Jumbo Volleyball, Pyramid Building, Raft Building, and Jungle Survival Theme. Post the gemas, my family headed on to enjoy a canoeing experience at the steam nearby the hills. You can also opt for kayaking and have splendid experience, discovering the streams, and nearby forests as well as wilderness on your own. My kids thoroughly enjoyed both the ventures and we clicked plenty of pictures too.

One of the most thrilling activities that we enjoyed at the camping location was zip lining. I enjoyed the panoramic view of the  entire scenic hills and wilderness from up above. The view is unbelievably beautiful and not something you would want to miss out on. I highly recommend trying out ziplining if you enjoy adventure sports and activities. Most of the families that were with us, enjoyed a fun and cool swimming and bathing expedition in the lake. I advise you to carry an extra pair of clothes if you want  to participate in swimming and/or bathing.

After a day full of fun and tiring adventure activities, we were served by exquisite hi-tea and snacks. We had  a lot of different snacks options, and enjoyed a fun dining session interacting with different families and couples. This took place around 5 in the evening, and we also had a fun chance of enjoying the ravishing sunset from the hilltop. You can explore the surrounding wilderness and climb on hill top if you wish to relish more of the exquisite natural settings. After taking a rest for an hour, we headed on to enjoy the fabulous dinner that was arranged for us.

We had a delicious meal around the bonfire, music, light and the cool temperature which added stars to our camping excursion. The bonfire is absolutely a  fun experience and the best way to enjoy a social gathering. My family had unlimited fun during the entire dinner course. We also had non-veg and veg options, and more than 5 delicious items that were served to us. The drinks were super awesome and my kids enjoyed the entire dinner session. The food was served hot and we enjoyed more than two servings as well.

This was a delightful family getaway for us. I highly recommend reviews of thrillophilia before choosing the camping options. The thrillophilia representatives were extremely good to us, and treated us with respect and love for the entire two days. I found the package to be extremely reasonable and inclusive of all required amenities, tour sites and activities. I highly recommend booking your next camping trip through thrillophilia and enjoying this fabulous experience once in your life.


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