If you are planning on purchasing an apartment be prepared to get expert advice, put in some leg work and do some homework so you get the best you can. It is a big monetary investment whether you are looking for a studio, a 1 bedroom apartment Wollongong for sale or something larger. Here are some factors that can help you narrow down your search and make the best choice.

Check into the reputation of the builder

If these apartments are newly built you should look into the reputation of the builder and make sure that they are all above board. What else have they worked on? Explore previous and current projects and look into reviews from clients.

Where is the apartment located?

Whether you are going to live there for a couple of years or longer you need to think about where the bedroom units for sale Wollongong are, and what that location has to offer you now, and whether it will continue to offer you what you need in the years to come. Do you need to be close to the town centre? Do you have a way to get to work or school? Do you need a hospital closer by, banks, supermarkets and so on? Is there something specific you need like the community centre, or bike paths? Families will want good school options for their children as well as outside space like parks.

What other facilities are included on-site?

There are also on-site facilities to think about. Some apartment blocks are very basic and do not offer much in additional space or facilities. But some offer a lot of extras, a pool, a communal BBQ area, additional security measures, storage and so on. Do you need any of those when looking for a 1 bedroom apartment Wollongong for sale and can you afford the extra money they will cost?

What is your financial situation like?

Before you even start looking at bedroom units for sale Wollongong located, make sure you have a clear idea of the budget you have. As well as having a budget for the price of the apartment itself, also factor in your monthly income and what costs there are with apartment living, strata fees, bills and so on. Also think about the costs of purchasing properties, stamp duty, taxes, loan processing fees and so on. You might have to lower slightly the price you can afford on the apartment so you can afford all the other things. Find out all the add-on expenses so you are not surprised by anything.


Wollongong, or the Gong to its natives is a great place to live. It is positioned on a narrow coastal strip of land giving amazing views, paths to walk and opportunities for both urban and outdoorsy living. It is the third-largest city in New South Wales and has a lot to offer whether you are moving for business, for study or for any other reason.


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