When buying any product from a seller, you have to check on some factors that satisfy your needs. The same applies when you want to purchase high-pressure water pumps. Let us discuss some of these factors buyers should consider.

A water pump is a machine that increases the mechanical energy of water. A water pump is very useful because it helps move water in a compact system. Places where water pumps are commonly used are schools, households, hospitals, and other commercial outlets. The following are factors to consider before purchasing a water pump:

The inlet size

The bigger the inlet size, the greater the amount of water the pump takes. Most water pumps come with an inlet size of 2 to 5 inches or even more. Buyers should pick a pump that matches their needs depending on how and where the pump is to be used.

The water pump’s quality

As a buyer, the important thing to always check is the brand. The quality of the water pump can be checked by looking at the motor or engine specifics. Do a good survey and check on water pumps that match your specifications. The quality of water pumps plays a major role in high pressure water pump price in Kenya.

Maximum headĀ 

Buyers should choose water pumps with a maximum head greater than the distance they want to pump water. Maximum head refers to the highest height or longest distance that the water pump will pump water. For example, a pump with a maximum head of 80m will pump water to a distance of 80 meters.

Flow rate

It is the time taken by a pump to pump a certain amount of water and is commonly measured in liter/minute. Buyers should check the flow rates of water pumps to avoid purchasing the wrong water pumps.

The kind of water required to be pumpedĀ 

The type or kind of water required to be pumped is also one of the key factors. Now, this leads us to discuss the types of water pumps:

  1. Centrifugal pump: a type of water pump that has an impeller where fluid enters and comes out by centrifugal force. This rotating impeller leads to the formation of centrifugal force. It increases pressure and velocity towards the outlet.
  2. Reciprocating pump: This type of water pump contains an expanding cavity on the side of the suction, while on the other side (discharge side), it has a decreasing cavity. It works by filling the cavities, then it displaces water with a constant volume.

Other types include transfer pumps and firefighting water pumps. A reliable water pump has advanced features. Always check the valves to make sure they prevent incorrect movement of water, like backflow. You should also check on the pressure switch, which plays an important role in turning water either on or off depending on the pressure applied.

The pressure switch will automatically switch on when the pressure is lower than the maximum psi and turn off if the pressure exceeds it. Remember, before purchasing water pumps, check on the impellers, bearings, and motors. You can always consult professionals for advice.


When purchasing a water pump, you can consider the above factors that will greatly assist you in purchasing a water pump that suits your needs.


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