Engagement is like a countdown of Marriage and to let friends and family know about getting married. While wedding day is a big day for any couple they want it to happen like dream as it is a lifetime event memories of wedding can add pleasure when ever the warmth required in relationship.

As it is a big day for couples and make it vital, you need to plan well. It helps you work towards your wedding step by step action that avoid unnecessary stress. You will be able to enjoy the whole ceremony and events with your near and dear people.

Wedding Checklist Must Include-

There are several elements that require your attention for successful wedding event such as list of guests, budget, venue, hire caterer and photographer. To shop wedding outfits and buy your diamond wedding ring is an important task as you both want to look like never before that day.

To do list –

Decide a Budget

Hire A Wedding Planner

Shortlist Guests

Select  the Venue

Hire Caterer, Photographer, Make- up Artist, Florist and so on

Shop for Wedding outfits

Shop for Wedding Jewelry

Decide a Budget

The first thing you need to do is decide the wedding budget  as it allows you to allocate a certain and sufficient amount for all the important events and elements. It helps you to check and plan how much of your budget will go to each expense. This way you can prepare a detailed checklist and prepare for finance. For example you can decide a fix amount when you go to Choose Your Wedding Ring and will not exceed the amount decided.

Hire A Wedding Planner

If you are unsure about how to plan for wedding or don’t have time to do so you can simply hire a professional wedding planner who will control every aspect of it. They will certainly charge a significant fee for it but take care of all administrative work so that you can focus only to enjoy the day. As they have established network you can avail the discount from related vendors.

Shortlist Guests

No event can be planned without guests so as you need to prepare a guest list in advance to make sure you will get the best wishes and blessings of the relatives and people who are close to you. Also, invitation to be sent well in advance.

Select the Venue

Do research to make your wedding planning list fruitful and set deadline for every task. When you are on the way to book a Wedding Venue, it should be done well in advance. Late booking will result you to pay extra for your selected venue or you may have to choose the another one.

Hire Caterer, Photographer, Make- up Artist, Florist and so on

Hiring Caterer, Photographer, Make- up Artist, a live rock and pop band and a Florist is as important as Wedding Budget. All these are required to make your special day successful and memorable for you. So it will be nice to hire them after research and in advance to avoid inconvenience or stress on
that day.

There is no one-size-fit-all approach that will work here as your choice depends on your personal style and comfort. You may want to wear traditional attire, the modern attire or something that is Unique. Best to start with decide the no. of attires you require for all the events and divide the clothing budget accordingly.

Shop for Wedding Jewelry

When it comes to shopping for wedding jewelry at GS Diamonds Brisbane, the first thing that you think about is to buy your wedding ring. Since this time you are shopping for both of you try to make it a fun experience. Though there are jewelers who advice (with expert comments on product) regarding their online selling platform but certain things need to keep in mind.

Incorporate your personal style while buy your wedding ring, are you more of a white gold or yellow gold person? Do you have a particular cut diamond that you prefer over another? Is your style really modern, trendy and or traditional and timeless?

As wedding ring will stay with you forever in your memories shop it early in time not in rush. It will be a fun filed activity for both if You Buy Wedding Ring together and help each other to find the perfect wedding ring that suits to your style and comfortable to carry on the occasion.

One current trend in wedding bands is to add personalized element. Couples opting to write a sweet message or engrave with their name, initials or wedding date If you want some sort of engraving on the inside of your band you can customize as per your choice.


Finally you have a clear idea to make your wedding day as dream come true you can go for it but you should be ready to accommodate your planning if any change required to make it enjoyable ceremony.

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