Companies put their heart and soul into making a product. But sometimes, even products fail to earn success.

This is where the marketing com training videos to the rescue!

Digitalization and innovation have opened doors of opportunities for companies and made marketing effective.

With digital marketing, it has become easier for companies to market their brands, products, or services to the world.

Among all marketing trends, the most productive way to grab the attention of your targeted audience is through animated videos.

Animated videos help highlight the point of your company, features of your product, and the working of your services in an effective and interesting manner.

If your objective is to launch a product, engage more potential customers, or explain an idea, then an animated video is what you need.

There is a famous marketing equation that most companies follow is that the sum of engagement & entertainment is equivalent to sales.

The 10 Perks of Animated Videos

We have gathered the 10 benefits that your business can get using animated marketing videos. Let’s take a look.

1. Stand High in the Competition

Animated videos can help you stand out from the competition, as digital marketing is transforming and building new challenges daily for the business.

With animated video, you can establish the image of being an innovative and futuristic company. You can outrank your competitor and boost revenue simultaneously.

2. Boost The Conversion

Animated video not just grabs your audience’s attention but also inspires them to make purchases from you.

A research has stated that including animated videos on the websites can increase the overall conversion up to 80% – wow, that is massive!

An animated video helps you attract customers and builds a bond between them and the company.

3. Customer Engagement

Online video has taken over all over the internet. People spend hundreds of hours watching videos and documentaries, which gives leverage to any company to market their business through videos.

Animated videos are not just attractive for the children but also for the adults. It compellingly delivers quality information that engages the audience to become a customer.

Hundreds of renowned companies promote their business, brand, product, or services with different digital marketing strategies, making customer engagement challenging for small companies.

Here the entrepreneurs can use animated video to allure the customer towards their brands.

4. Improvement in SEO

Animated videos are not just dear to people but also to search engines like Google. If you include animated videos on your website, Google will likely rank you high on the search result.

It is an excellent way to rank your website, improve your SEO, and increase the visibility of your business to potential customers.

The search engine algorithm catches and ranks those websites, which has maximum staying time of the visitor on the website.

Animated videos can not just help you in marketing but also in the growth of your business.

5. Impressive Presentation

Let’s suppose you are a company that wants to pitch a client in a way that ensures 100% business. So, will you prefer a boring presentation? Of course not! But the question is, how can you make an attractive presentation?

By adding animation!

You can add various animations to your presentation, here are some animation ideas that you can use in a corporate presentation meeting:

Explainer Videos

If you are a company that wants to explain its business and work process to your client, here, you can use a 90 seconds animated explainer video.

You can use them in:

  • Sales pitch
  • Brand marketing
  • Concept explanation

Motion Graphics

Without any storytelling or narrative, you can illustrate your sales, graphs, and charts effectively to your client using motion graphics.

You can use them in:

  • Blockchain illustration
  • Icon illustration

Whiteboard Animation

Whiteboard animation is best for the business that wants to illustrate their service working and process of any production.

You can use them in:

  • Business Idea Explanation
  • Production process
  • Elaboration of concepts and ideas

2D Animation

You can use 2D animation in almost everything. If you want to pitch your client your ideas in cartoonish format, 2D animation is an ideal choice.

You can use them in:

  • Cartoon series
  • Business ideas
  • Brand marketing

Animated Corporate Videos

If you want to elaborate your business persona, animated corporate videos are the best choice. You can demonstrate your company’s business hierarchy through corporate videos.

You can also use them in:

  • Training video
  • Brand promotion
  • Company profile video
  • Communication video

App/Product Demo Videos

If you are a software or an app development firm and want to showcase your development to your client, you can use app or product demo videos.

You can show the app prototype, software working, UI/UX design, and interface representation on different devices.

You can use them in:

  • Product demonstration
  • App demonstration
  • Prototype

6. Make Client understand the Product

If your clients or customers are unable to understand what your product does or how your service works, then you will not be able to sell.

Animation helps you explain the purpose, functionality, and working of your product to your audience or client.

Any product or service aims to make the consumer’s life easier, and if the company fails to explain it to the customer, then it is a dead-end for the business.

Use animated video to communicate how beneficial your products and services are for your targeted customers.

You can use whiteboard animation, explainer videos, or product demo videos to promote your product. You don’t need to use 3D animation, only simple 2D animation can work for you (if you use it wisely).

7. Save the Time & Money

It is every company’s dream to spend fewer resources and gain more results in the shortest possible time.

This dream can come true if you start using animated videos for your business. Choosing animated videos over other marketing trends can save you money as well as time.

Like other content, animated videos don’t age fast and stay fresh for a long time. For example, a company manufactures certain automobile parts and uses the same manufacturing process for years.

To showcase their manufacturing process, they made a 3D animated video. As they only manufacture parts and aren’t thinking to expand in the future, then one animated video can be helpful for years.

This practice saves not only the money but also the time they will be spending every single time to make a new video.

Be clever, be efficient!

8. Expand Your Reach

To do business and generate revenue, reaching out to potential customers is a necessary step every company needs to take.

Many companies reach out to their customers and audience through social media platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

These communities daily drive the traffic of millions to their websites, giving an edge to companies to market their business to the billions of eyes.

With animated videos, you can easily communicate your business to people and gather customers from all over the world.

9. Express Your Business

By using animated videos, you can tell your business stories to your audience like:

  • How has this business changed your life?
  • What struggles did you face to reach this point?
  • What more do you aim to achieve with this business?
  • How your product and service are benefiting society?
  • How your product and service has changed the life of your client/customer?

You can share your whole business experience with the world through animated videos.

10.  Development & Promotion of The Brand

You can present your ideas in an aesthetically pleasing manner through animated videos. You can integrate your company logo, color theme, images, and contact information in your video.


Animated videos are a powerful marketing tool that reshapes companies’ marketing strategies. It requires creative and detailed planning to produce a captivating animated video for a company.

If you are new to animation, then you should hire a good animation production company to get it done for you. There are so many production companies that claim to be the best in animation production, but instead of trusting the claim, research by yourself.

  • Check the studio’s portfolio.
  • Look at their client’s review.
  • Check out their animation work.
  • Check the client’s testimonials.
  • Check their case studies.
  • Match their pricing with your budget.
  • Check the quality of animation you want to avail.

If you cover the above point in your production company hunting, then you will surely be going to find the right match for your project.

Hopefully, this article helped you understand the benefits the animated videos for your business.

So, Happy Animation!


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