Your save-the-dates are an essential part of your wedding preparation. This invitation will remind your guests about the wedding day and will help them plan their time accordingly. While planning for your big day, it is difficult to predict how many people will attend, especially if you’re getting married abroad. It’s important to send out the Save-the-Dates in plenty of time so that they can add them to their calendar. Your save-the-dates have one major purpose: to fix the date in your friends’ minds. Always include the words “invitation to follow.” If you’re getting married abroad, you should include separate accommodation cards. You can contact two or three hotels and reserve a block of rooms.

Save The Dates For Wedding Preparation

You can create the save-the-dates yourself, or use a professional. There are many different ways to make them, and you can find an endless number of designs and themes online. If you can’t find a designer to make the cards, you can make them yourself using free templates.

While you’re creating the save the dates, think about the rest of your wedding stationery, and what it’s been used for in the past. Don’t copy the wording from your engagement announcement, because that may confuse your guests with your wedding invitations. Also, consider the style of your wedding, as this will dictate your approach to writing your correspondence. If you’re planning your wedding abroad, consider including a separate card for accommodation. If you’re not sure whether to use your own accommodation, contact two or three hotels and reserve a block of rooms.

You’ll also need to send the save-dates to your guests overseas. Depending on your location, the save-dates you send will need to be sent to your guests three to four months before your wedding. However, if you’re getting married abroad, you should include separate accommodation cards. You can send the card to your international guests separately. If you’re planning to spend the wedding overseas, consider sending separate accommodation cards for your guests.

The best way to customize you save the date magnets is to incorporate photographs in them. It’s better to use photos that were taken during the engagement session and the wedding day to create a personalized look. Alternatively, you can choose to use a design without a photo. Moreover, your save-dates should match your wedding theme.

The traditional save-dates aren’t always the best option. The traditional save-dates should be sent at least seven to nine months before your wedding. These are the best option if your wedding is on a beach, or you’d like to invite your guests to your honeymoon.

Prepare You Wedding with Save The Dates

Besides the traditional envelope, you can also choose pencils. These are a practical choice because they’re a great reminder of the wedding date. You can even go with wooden save-date magnets if you’re having an outdoor wedding. Keep in mind, however, that the space for writing the details on these magnets is limited. For instance, you cannot include the names of your plus one or children. Aside from the design, you should also consider the date and location of the wedding. If you’re planning your wedding near a major holiday, you may want to send your save-the-dates during a quieter time of the year. And of course, your save-the-dates will also help your guests know more about the wedding.


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