Aftercare monitoring services in an addiction treatment facility are eclectic and diverse. There are many aftercare monitoring services available to former drug rehab patients. Many of the services offered in addiction aftercare monitoring programs include case management and urinalysis testing but are inadequate when it comes to monitoring a drug addict’s schedule, meeting attendance, and general recovery status. There are newer addiction treatment aftercare monitoring systems being developed at drug rehab facilities that more effectively monitor a patient’s aftercare status after leaving drug rehab. These aftercare monitoring systems for drug treatment are much more in-depth and utilize current technology more fully to track, monitor, and case manage individual patients recently discharged from drug treatment.

Current addiction treatment systems that are in place for aftercare monitoring are often understaffed and unorganized. While many of the aftercare monitoring programs available today are goodintentioned, oftentimes, the process falls short of doing what it advertises. The essential elements of a good aftercare monitoring system for people with substance abuse issues involve personalized case management, effective tracking, frequent and random urinalysis testing, and resource management.

Urinalysis Testing or Drug Testing

A good aftercare monitoring system will involve a way for former drug rehab patients to be drug tested on a random and frequent basis. With new technology being developed at treatment facilities, this process will become much more cost-effective, time-efficient and convenient than previously used monitoring systems. Urinalysis testing for drug and alcohol use remains the most effective way to validate an addict’s sobriety. The judicial system has developed the most creative ways to monitor a person’s drug and alcohol use. Drug and alcohol use monitoring devices are plentiful but costly. Electronic monitoring of drug and alcohol use through bracelets, patches, and various video electronic systems are effective in monitoring and deterring drug and alcohol use, but abstinence is only part of an effective aftercare monitoring program for drug addicts and alcoholics.

Resource Management and Recovery Tracking

Another aspect of effective drug treatment aftercare monitoring programs is resource management and tracking. Resource management and tracking involve the gathering of data and the dissemination of that data to the appropriate resources at the appropriate time. For example, if it is determined that a client is doing poorly and an intervention is needed, the aftercare program should provide immediate assistance to the struggling individual. Often, this is best done through a team of readily available healthcare resources. An effective addiction treatment aftercare program will have an elaborate system of healthcare resources and referrals readily available to assist a struggling client. In addiction treatment aftercare, this means having interventionists, drug rehab facilities, physicians, detox facilities, and clinicians available at the touch of a button, so to speak, should a client be in need of assistance.

Developing and implementing an effective aftercare monitoring program in addiction treatment is tricky, but progress is being made. New technology is playing a huge role in creating effective and efficient programs. Soon cell phone and iPad applications will be developed that incorporate all the necessary ingredients of a successful aftercare monitoring program and will go as far as offering drug rehab services in the palm of your hand.


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