Vacuum cleaners have become the most popular devices for cleaning our homes. They’re practical, easy to use and provide excellent results. This article will look at the various vacuum cleaners available in Kenya, their functionalities, performance, durability, and price considerations.

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A vacuum cleaner cleans your house or office by collecting dust, hair, and food particles by suction. It can be used in both carpeted and non-carpeted spaces, as well as corners and deep interiors. It reduces the likelihood of allergies and enhances the room’s air quality.

Before purchasing a vacuum cleaner, you should consider;

  1. The surfaces that need to be cleaned often in your home.
  2. If you or anyone you live with is susceptible to allergies.
  3. The vacuum cleaner price
  4. Whether you would like a vacuum cleaner that runs on electricity or batteries

Varieties of Vacuum Cleaners in Kenya

The following are the main vacuum cleaners used in Kenya in Kenya;

HoveringVacuum Cleaner

In Kenya, it is the most typical and well-liked vacuum cleaner. It has an ergonomic design with a tilt function. Additionally, a motor-driven brush that uses suction to remove debris is included. It is quite effective since it contains a sensor which can find trash in carpets.

Though it is cumbersome to move it around, you can adjust its height by adding attachments that will enable it to reach hard-to-access corners. This factor makes it is ideal for cleaning large carpeted surfaces with a setting that allows you to clean bare floors.

Canister Vacuum Cleaner

The canister vacuum cleaner is cylindrical and is attached to a retractable suction hose. It is powered by a motor with a receptacle that collects dust. One of its significant advantages is its ability to clean various surfaces, including; carpets, wooden floors, cars, tiles, ceilings, walls, furniture, and curtains.

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It is considerably heavier than the other types due to its storage capacity. It has many attachments that help clean several different surfaces and is more expensive than the other vacuum cleaners.

Stick Vacuum Cleaner

This lightweight, thin vacuum cleaner works best for quick cleaning. Light suction is performed by the motor, which is situated along the stick. Because the surfaces in the kitchen and bathroom have hardwood floors, this factor makes it perfect for cleaning them. It features a different option for conducting a clean-up on floors under which the brush roll is switched off, similar to the upright cleaner.

It has a limited battery life, is less potent than other types of vacuum cleaners, and is inappropriate for thorough cleaning.

Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

It is a sensor-powered, low-effort device that runs on an automobile. It also can cleanup by itself once you’ve programmed its instructions via remote control. It is quiet, small, and powered by rechargeable batteries. It aids in cleaning hardwood surfaces, carpets, and tiles.

The vacuum cleaner price in Kenya is significantly higher than those of some of the other models.

The Handheld Device

It is small in size, handheld vacuum cleaner that is very portable. It is at times utilized with the upright model and is advised for cleaning confined spaces that are challenging to access. It’s the least expensive model.


Because it is lighter, more effective, simpler to use, and far less expensive than robotic and canister variants, the upright vacuum cleaner is the most popular model. When purchasing a vacuum cleaner, it is crucial to take into account the size of your house as well as the type of flooring.


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