So, you have some cash burning a hole in your pocket and are on the lookout for the coolest new gadgets for yourself or as a gift. You’re in luck. It just so happens that, in this day and age, cool new gadgets are available almost every week.

The only real question is, are the products worth your time? Yes, just because gadgets look cool, it doesn’t necessarily mean they’re worth paying out big for. Check out our quick reviews of some of the coolest new gadgets.

Ooni Volt 12

Starting us off is the Ooni Volt 12. This is a very niche product but we love everything about it. The concept is simple; you want traditional oven-style pizza, but don’t actually have a giant pizza oven. The solution; the Ooni Volt 12. But, this can’t just be a small, convenient electric pizza oven, right? Correct. The Ooni Volt 12 isn’t just an electric pizza oven, it’s an electric pizza oven that cooks pizzas absurdly fast.

Depending on what you have on your pizza, this little beauty can fully cook a pizza in under 2 minutes. It almost sounds too good to be true, but just so happens to be accurate when we’re talking about this modern marvel. There are a number of other interesting features, but all we could think of was cooking pizzas in less time than it takes to slice cheese.

DJI Avata

Drones are really getting crazy good, so much so that the science fiction future of 80s movies is creeping ever closer. Want a drone with built-in VR functionality? You got it. How about one that also has hand controls straight out of a cheesy Sci-Fi channel special?

The DJI Avata is something truly special, so impressive that you’ll want one, even if you have no reason to have one. Yes, this is certainly for enthusiasts, especially looking at the price tag. But, if drones are your thing, it doesn’t get much more impressive than this.

Nix Biosensors

This is an extremely niche product, but something that anyone jogging regularly will appreciate. The Nix Biosensors stick to your arm, analyse your sweat, and produce reports on your performance levels. The sensors even communicate with your smartphone, letting you know everything about your hydration levels. We’re not suggesting you’ll be needing the Nix Biosensors unless you’re anything but a very serious runner, but it’s fascinating to know that such tech even exists.

Beeline Velo 2

If you’ve ever tried getting around a busy city on a bicycle you’ll know it’s a challenging task. What with cars and pedestrians, all while trying to check the GPS on your phone, it’s a wonder there aren’t more bicycle fatalities. Well, if you know what we’re talking about you want the Beeline Velo 2. The Velo 2 is pretty much exactly what cyclists have been asking for; a small, extremely simplified GPS readout that attaches right to the handlebars.

The best part of the Velo 2 is that it doesn’t swamp your eyeballs with unnecessary information, giving you nothing but the most basic details on where you’re going. With just a glance you’ll know which direction you’re going, and if you need to turn any time soon. Either way, this is a beautiful product that, frankly, we feel should be standard on every bicycle.

iRobot Roomba J7+

The Roomba range of automated vacuum robots is well known. Though, in the early days they were known mostly for costing a fortune and not being particularly effective. The tech has come a long way, and the modern Roomba range is probably far better than you’re assuming. The J7+, out now, is not just a vacuum robot, it’s also a mopping robot.

That’s right, your little robot friend can now vacuum and mop, without your help, and will even remember where to use which function. No, we don’t have a J7+, so can’t comment on how well it actually works. But looking at a few reviews it seems like these little robots might actually be worth a look. Assuming, of course, that you’re still okay with rearranging furniture to allow the machine to get into all the nooks and crannies. No, it still can’t navigate tables very well.

HyperX Cloud Alpha

As a modern gamer who loves spending time at sites like Black Lotus casino, you probably face the same problem as all gamers, cables. From mouse cables to keyboard cables, plus headphones, it’s like navigating spaghetti is part of the modern gaming experience. No longer, with the HyperX Cloud Alpha headphones.

The big selling point of the Cloud Alpha is that they boast truly incredible battery life. With a full charge, these babies will apparently last up to an absurd 300 hours. The downside is that with the battery life comes a rather a high price, making these impressive headphones really only for true gaming enthusiasts. You can get great wired headphones for a fraction of the cost, so maybe cables aren’t so bad after all.

VAHA S Fitness Mirror

Remember when we said the science fiction future is creeping nearer? Correction; it’s already here. Last on our list is the VAHA S Fitness Mirror, and it’s exactly what you think it is. Look at yourself in the mirror, follow the personalised instructions, and feel like you’re in a fitness class without having to leave home. Though, who could possibly afford this is anyone’s guess.

Not only will you be paying over $1000 upfront, you’ll also be paying an additional $39 a month for the services. All we can say is that if you’re so afraid to go to your local gym, you might consider overcoming social anxiety rather than shelling out a small fortune to have gym classes at home. Either way, if you’re into the idea of the Fitness Mirror it’s available now, coming complete with speakers and a touchscreen. Who knew the science fiction future would be so pricey?


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