Are you making plans for Halloween? No? You should check out The Chant! The third-person action-adventure movie will take you on an emotional journey to a remote island through a dangerous parallel dimension, and across the human mind. If you’re done with Dark Pictures and The Quarry, this sounds like the perfect ghost food.

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The Chant offers more than just cheap screencasts and atmospheric terror. It wants to provide exploration, combat, item creation and skill trees, as well as a story that adapts to you and your choices. It sounds ambitious. We examined whether Studio Brass token, which was previously unknown, could deliver on its many promises during Gamescom 2022. We tried the adventure out at Prime Matter’s booth, and we will share our initial impressions in the preview.

Group therapy with Supernaturals

You play the role of Jess in The Chant, a young woman who is going through a personal tragedy that we won’t reveal. We can only say that she is carrying a heavy load and is on the verge of collapse. One last hope is a spiritual retreat on an isolated island. Jess and some other participants want to forget about their worldly troubles under the guidance of a spiritual guru. Quasi group therapy for supernatural issues.

Instead of being relieved of her misery she slips deeper into confusion. During a cult ritual, an event happens that causes a fatality, which opens a portal to another dimension. There are dangerous demons lurking in this fog that feed off people’s negative emotions. There are many of them among traumatized campers. The aggressive creatures begin to flood the island, overwhelming some campers and driving them insane. The panic ensues as the group splits and runs in all directions.

Something is off

The first task is to explore the area. A semi-open world is provided by an unnamed island. The centre, i.e. We then break down into various, interconnected areas from the centre, i.e. We are kept from wandering off the story path by magical obstacles that give us headaches. The Chant starts out as a linear adventure.

At first, it’s not scary. As we travel through the night, it becomes oppressive. It’s only because of the past. It is consistent in its staging, with the moon breaking through the dense trees, and appropriate background music creating a soundscape. You don’t feel like your life is in danger.


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