During  the history of cricket there have been many competitions that lasted only a few years. Others continue to delight fans even today. Right now 1xBet is safe online sports betting site, as it offers great odds.

Between 1977 and 1979 there was a short-lived cricket competition that was called World Series Cricket, which was also known as WSC. In many respects, the WSC was a competitor to other cricket competitions. This also helps to understand the reasons why it was created, which include:

  • many people from the cricket world wanted to make a living from the game;
  • there were conflicts between different cricket entities;
  • also, it was thought that the full potential of Australian cricket was not being realized.

Back then, the Australian Channel Nine wanted to purchase the rights to broadcast the Test matches played by the Australian national team during the 1970s. Since their bid was rejected by the ACB, those in the Channel Nine board decided to create their own cricket franchise, which became the WSC. When trying to find a safe online sports betting site, the best option is 1xBet, which is reliable, secure, and offers an unrivaled experience.

Building the competition

Creating the competition was quite difficult. Kerry Packer was an Australian businessman who first imagined the concept of what would later become the WSC. In Packer’s home country there are many events where it is possible to make 1xBet cricket match betting, and when doing so, there are many prizes that await.

Packer convinced many high-profile players to join his competition. However, the WSC organizers fought a fierce legal battle with other cricket entities. This almost caused the WSC to fail even before it began. However, it survived the turmoil. The cricket match betting options on 1xBet are very diverse, and all punters can win big by using all the features offered by the platform.

A powerful legacy

The WSC was a short-lived competition, however, it left an enduring legacy that can be seen even today. There are bookmaker 1xBet live betting tips for all matches of competitions that were inspired by the WSC.

For example, many cricketers became full-time professionals. Also, a more formal structure was created for the television rights of these matches. In fact, right now TV stations and broadcasting platforms have a lot to say when it comes to the organization of cricket competitions. Said championships can be wagered on in the 1xBet bookmaker, and thanks to the live betting tips, users have better chances than ever.

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