If you regularly work from home, or if you’ve become a full-time virtual employee, you may have noticed your productivity levels beginning to drop. Even if you were able to keep up your motivation in the beginning, you may still struggle with getting work in on time, getting excited about your tasks, and keeping your to-do list as short as possible. Although you may have already tried out a few ways to make your workday more exciting, such as purchasing a personalized planner or using a zoom immersive view background, there are some other simple yet effective ways to maximize your productivity when working from home that you may not have tried. Here are some quick tips that can help your remote workday be just as full, effective, productive, and satisfying as a day at the office would be.

Set Daily & Weekly Goals

Whether you struggle to concentrate at home no matter what or whether small tricks like setting up a google meet custom background help you stay grounded, setting your own goals can offer a host of benefits. As a remote worker, setting both daily and weekly work goals can help you:

  • Stay focused throughout your workday
  • Keep your intrinsic levels of motivation up
  • Complete your to-do list on time
  • Maintain your professional reputation
  • Keep up communications with your boss and colleagues
  • Obtain a promotion or raise

When choosing your goals for each day or week, it’s important to consider what needs to get done, the priority order in which those tasks have to be completed, and how excited or motivated you are to knock each task out. To stay on track, try to set goals that involve:

  • Taking frequent but brief breaks throughout the day
  • Staying hydrated and eating nutritious foods to power your brain
  • Writing up your daily must-do list at the start of each workday morning
  • Setting weekly milestones to hit in order to keep yourself from veering off track

Designate Your Workspace

If you’re currently working from the kitchen table, you may not be in the right mental space for a productive workday, even if you’ve been following your employer’s zoom virtual background requirements. That’s why it’s often helpful to:

  • Designate one room or corner in the home as your dedicated workspace, and avoid doing anything but work there to create the feel of an office
  • Equip your workspace with all the tools you need to do your job well, including laptops or computers, smart phones, notepads, pens, sticky notes, calculators, and so on
  • Create or purchase a “do not disturb” sign to hang on the door during the day to let your family know when your ‘office hours’ are
  • Remove all potential distractions from your workspace, such as televisions, books, or magazines

Whether you’ve switched to a fully remote job or whether your boss has instructed you to continue working virtually until further notice, keeping up your productivity levels from home can sometimes pose a challenge for even the most dedicated of workers. Fortunately, simply setting clear-cut daily and weekly goals for yourself and designating a workplace where you can focus could help you stay productive and keep up your current output while working from home.

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