The internet has many resources to download Facebook videos. Various sites allow doing these actions, but they are either slow or produce bad quality videos. Therefore, we have created SnapSave. It is the best Facebook video download converter out there. The platform is really simple, super user-friendly, and allows you to download videos of various qualities, including 4K videos or even audio MP3 formats too. If you run an old device, then you can also download 3GP videos. You can choose from 144p quality to 4k quality. 

SnapSave is a very efficient tool when it comes to downloading Facebook videos. All you must do is copy the video link and paste it onto the SnapSave link. This process is very simple as all that you must do to get the copy link is to hover over to the video that you are watching, and it will show an option that says copy link. After that you have done that, you just paste it onto the site and the download process will begin. You can check the status of your download on the site as it will show it in a very simple manner. You can go to your browser settings, click n Downloads and it will show the location of the downloaded file. 

SnapSave is free of any cost. We cover our business costs just by showing a few ads on the site. So, we show a few ads, and you get the service for free. The important factor here is that there is no sign-up process and we do not store any of your data. This is also one of the reasons why we have very little business costs, and why we can afford to cover our costs with just a few ads that we show on the site. SnapSave allows unlimited downloads, and it assures optimal quality at every download. 

When it comes to data sharing and all that, we do not store any of your private info, so there is nothing to worry about data leak or any personal account leak, or anything associated with your download history. The advantage of this service is that is a workaround to the Facebook requirements of prohibiting reels and private video downloads.  Facebook allows you to store feed and profile videos, but not reels and private stories. The value of SnapSave is that it allows downloading all the above types of videos, even though the Facebook platform prohibits them. 

This is the core value of our service. We allow you to save these types of videos and you can keep them on your device. This way you can rewatch them anytime that you need or feel nostalgic about the moments that are shared in the video. 


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