You can download Skyward Sword amiibo.bin files from the Nintendo 3DS XL store for free. The file is for the first-party game. There is a chance it may be modified to work with the third-party amiibo. If so, you will need to download the correct game. After installing the game, you will see an amiibo menu.

Perspective In Skyward Sword

The Zelda and Loftwing amiibo figures can be used for the third-person perspective in Skyward Sword. The game also allows you to use the amiibos as items in the game. In the game, you can place them anywhere in the surface world. They can be placed in a skyscraper as well. However, the Skyward Sword if you have both Link and Loftwing amiibos can be positioned anywhere in the world.

Items From Rito Mountains

The Zelda and Loftwing amiibo figure can be used as a companion in the game. This amiibo is an exclusive item in Skyward Sword. You can collect both the items from Rito Mountains. The Fierce Deity Sword amiibo can tear Blood Moons. It is also possible to find the Soul Ring if you have both the amiibos.

Link Miibo Figures In The Game

The Skyward Sword amiibo enables Link to unlock gear in the game. This amiibo is compatible with all five Breath of the Wild figures. The other three Breath of the Wild amiibos are compatible with the Epona and Link amiibo figures in the game. In addition to the amiibos, the game also lets you use the game’s sprite.

Specific Rules Ror Compatibility

There are no specific rules for compatibility. You need to download the game’s amiibo bin files before playing the game. You can download the Skyward Sword amiibo rom file from the Google Docs drive. You must download the corresponding Skyward Sword amiibo file to play the game. This downloadable rom file is required for use in the game.

Amiibo Figure

The Skyward Sword amiibo figure has a two-handed design and can be scanned from any location. The game has a large variety of amiibo figures and the different designs of these figurines vary from one to the next. In addition to these, some of the amiibo figures may not be compatible with other sprites in the game.


The game’s amiibo can be paired with different games. The Zora Champion amiibo can be used to summon various fish. The treasure chest can also contain various weapons from the Zora people. The Zora waterfalls can be used to get exclusive items like the Divine Beast Vah Ruta Helm. This helmet is part of the Ancient Armour Set and gives the wearer a Guardian Resistance bonus. This helm can also increase the wearer’s swim speed.

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