Even if we weren’t still in during this pandemic that just won’t go away and leave the news, the answer to this would be no. Yes, shopping right now is exhausting and less safe than usual due to the restrictions we all have to justifiably endure to keep everyone safe. Masks suck, social distancing reduces capacity and makes lines longer, and the fear of getting sick has left everyone understaffed, making the whole process just a special brand of hell for everyone involved.

But, in an age where we’ve gotten used to ordering our groceries online and having them delivered, can’t we just look back on retail in general and agree that it was always a special brand of hell anyway? Before social distancing, the crowds were even worse, the overworked staff for even more unpleasant and slow at their jobs and it just in general wasn’t great. The truth is, the brick-and-mortar model, at least as a dominant prioritized thing, is on its way out the same way magazines, paperback books and newspapers are, the way cable TV already is even if it hasn’t realized.

This isn’t to say that brick-and-mortar stores are going to go a way, they are just not going to be the daily thing that everyone always opts for, only being the thing people do if they have to already be out, need some odds and ends now and don’t have time to wait, or do want to shop in person for specific things or to talk to Associates in person. This only makes up 1% of retail activity, believe it or not, meaning that online ordering is going to be the way things go most of the time either way. The stupid pandemic has accelerated adoption of online activity, which is probably the only silver lining. So, when it comes with a vape store in Australia, if you search for vape shops near me, be sure to include in your criteria the ability to order things online through a storefront.

Even if you don’t care about masks, social distancing and are unafraid of the pandemic because you were smart and actually got a vaccine, there is another side to brick-and-mortar that is always been problematic, that being shelf space and higher prices. There is only so much shelf space for products, even in a specialty store, meaning that if you happen to be one of the ones it prefers a less popular flavor or brand, there is a chance that they will often not have it if they have it at all, wanting to please the most amount of people in a profitable way. This certainly isn’t an admonition of retail, how else could it possibly work and turn a profit? With online shopping, they can simply be the recipient of your orders, and sell them to you once they arrive. This means that if you like a less popular brand or flavor, any vape store in Australia has an online portal can still get your product. When searching for vape products near me, consider Shosha, your one-stop shop for all the popular brands, flavors and implementations of vape technology available in the great nation of Australia today!

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