Oil extraction is a multistep and involved process that requires many different stages of production from extraction to finished products of various types. Typically, this is a three-stage process involving upstream, midstream, and downstream phases. The earliest stages involve discovery and extraction, the middle stage involves the storing, transporting, and process of oil, and the final stage is the purification and refinement step as oil is processed for various manufacturing needs and uses. As this shows, a lot is going on as it relates to oil production. But individual oilfields aren’t always run by big companies with all the resources they need to move forward. Typically, if an operating oilfeild is going to need support, it occurs during the first stages, aiding in discovery and extraction. Here are some of the ways an oilfield support company can assist your business during these key steps in the process.

Four Services Oilfield Service Providers Assist With

  1. Seismic Testing: one of the first steps during oil extraction seismic testing studies the geological structure of the land you are attempting to install an oil well on. This is important in ensuring the viability of the project and also the overall safety. Some oil extraction projects are relatively easy while others, while viable, do require more work and caution to effectively pump oil out of. This is commonly referred to as formation evaluation, and people make whole careers of this.
  2. Directional Assistance: an oilfield service provider can assist in making sure you drill your well in the right direction. While some wells are simply straight down, not all are configured this way. Many oil wells are angled or use horizontal drilling. Pinpointing the right angle is critical for an effective and productive oil well.
  3. Transportation: when setting up an oil well, transportation of needed tools and equipment (such as oil rigs) is critical. You need to have these items en route to a job site before the work starts. This is not something that can be done at the last minute. An oilfield service provider will have your equipment in place for when you are ready to start work.
  4. Logging: Once the rig is producing, you are likely to need various types of support to ensure you’re getting worthwhile material out of the ground. Thing like conveyance logging and production log evaluation. There are numerous different tests that can be done via chemicals or analysis of data that aid in making the well as profitable as possible.

Wrapping it up

An oil drilling and extraction operation has several moving parts to keep track of for effective operations. An oilfield support service like Renegade (contact their Woodward OK oilfield support center) assists in helping your project stay organized and provides vital data and support to help you throughout the extraction process.


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