As the economy tries to recuperate and returns to normal, businesses need to prepare for the expected deluge of tourists that have otherwise stayed home. 2022 is known as revenge travel time. It is a term coined by tourism experts who foresee a busy 2022 tourism industry. A popular tourist destination is Perth, Australia. The city’s extensive parkland, natural reserves, and beaches mean that wildlife can be found plenty in Perth, given the city’s extensive parkland, natural reserves, and beaches. A stroll through any city park will almost always result in you being “serenaded” by loud, brightly coloured rosellas, cockatiels, and other parrot-like birds. Wildlife is found in abundance on the islands surrounding Perth as well.

If you are a tourist in Perth, how will you best explore a new city? Most travellers ask, resort to perth seo services. Meaning they search online for experiences they want to enjoy.

What is the Implication of SEO for businesses?

Businesses need to be visible to tourists looking for related products or services. Imagine if you were new in Perth and you wanted to feast on seafood, the natural action would be to search online “Best Seafood Restaurant in Perth” inversely as a business owner; you would wish to have your business seen as well. You can get the help of perth seo services. Using the power of technology to help businesses succeed is critical in 2022.

What is the Emerging Trend in Searches?

Voice search. According to Google, a stunning 27 per cent of the entire world’s population is currently utilising voice search on their mobile phones. According to a research firm that provides marketing data to companies, it also forecasts that more than half of smartphone users will utilise voice search technology by 2020.

What exactly is Voice Search

Voice search, also known as voice-enabled search, is a technology that allows individuals to seek information by speaking rather than typing it into a search field. With the growing tendency toward streamlining and simplifying the search process to provide better user experiences, voice search technology has accelerated its development.

Most voice search inquiries are long-tail and extremely precise. Using voice search is to provide users with customised responses to their questions. Such users are in the consideration stage of the funnel when they are more likely to convert than other visitors to the site. Voice search optimisation is continuously rising in popularity as people choose to use it with each passing year, it is projected to continue to be popular in 2021. Therefore, in terms of SEO, this may be a must.

How to Optimise Your Website for Voice Query

  • Use Long-Tail Keywords since voice searches tend to be more specific and actionable.
  • Change keyword queries to questions by anticipating what the user will likely say; for example, instead of just pizza, use pizza near me or highlight unique selling points like a brick oven, hand-tossed pizza near me.
  • Mobile Optimised content will be critical since most users only use their mobile phones for searches. Your content must load quickly and be mobile compatible.

Several changes in technology and business makes it an immediate necessity to know how to adapt by anticipating trends and consumer behaviour.


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