The modern world offers a plethora of options for making money online. These can range from simple, low-paying tasks like writing posts on the Internet to high-budget and potentially lucrative offers in the form of investments and trading on the stock exchange. Everyone can find the options that will appeal to them, it is only important to trust honest offers and companies that have been in the global market for more than a year. But the SYPWAI project has made a real breakthrough in this sphere – it offers not just earnings, it offers to take part in the development of science, do something for world history and become a real participant in scientific progress. At SYPWAI, you can start teaching artificial intelligence. And it’s a unique opportunity, one of a kind.

SYPWAI technologies for business and ordinary people

Artificial intelligence has moved from the pages of science fiction novels to our everyday lives in recent years. Almost all of us now successfully use voice assistant and Face ID functions, communicate with chatbots and visit social networks. All of these technologies work with the involvement of AI. But SYPWAI decided to go further. A team of enthusiasts decided to create unique offerings for business people, to make artificial intelligence solve inline business problems and help ordinary people. But to achieve such a goal, the company needed help.

SYPWAI’s online platform: become a teacher of artificial intelligence

That is why the SYPWAI team has launched a unique online platform for everyone who wants to take part in the training of the new progressive artificial intelligence. And anyone can become a participant in the project, that is the uniqueness of the company’s offer. This is a great opportunity to help in the development of science. And it is not a bad option for those who are just looking for a good part-time job.

SYPWAI pays its employees well, although the work does not require any particular effort. To train artificial intelligence, you just need to solve logic problems and do the simplest tasks that even children could cope with. For example, you may need to enter a captcha repeatedly or analyze images and select among them those that match the query.

What do I need to do to work in SYPWAI?

To start working with SYPWAI you only need to register on the platform. It is a simple step that does not impose any obligations, requirements, or restrictions on new participants. But at the same time, every registered user gets access to:

  • detailed instructions for cooperation;
  • an opportunity to leave feedback on the work;
  • participation in SYPWAI’s loyalty program;
  • expansion of their capacity for higher pay.

Registration is the same as on many other platforms. The first thing you have to do is enter your contact information: name and age, a valid phone number, and email address. Then you have to work hard and come up with a strong password. After that, the user will have to wait for a confirmation email – just click on the link to confirm the relevance of the information entered. Also, a simple code will come to the specified phone number in the SMS-message, which should be entered in a window on the site.

Registration opens access to step-by-step instructions. Those who want to make artificial intelligence training their specialty or their part-time job should carefully study the instructions and stick to them.

SYPWAI allows absolutely everyone to work in this field. The intensity of the workload is up to everyone. Many of the company’s employees work for only a few hours a day, some do not even work every day, but only a few days a week. But some enthusiasts have made AI training their main profession and work at SYPWAI for 6-8 hours a day. But there is no obligation imposed on them either; everyone can stick to a schedule that is convenient for him/herself, and determine the intensity of the workload independently.


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