Ever seen those cute avatars saying ‘I Love You’, ‘good morning’ around Snapchat? Or the ones on environmental-related themes like watering plants, no?

People use these delightful avatars to communicate all around – in the office, dating world, and messaging apps with their parents.

Who would have thought that our personalized emojis would be celebrating the World Environment Days?

What is a Bitmoji?

Bitmoji, now owned by Snapchat and developed by Bitstrips. Snapchat, a social media + Messenger app, integrated Bitmoji feature allowing people to create conversation media. This helps in bringing something very authentic, fun and relatable to the table!

Imagine getting an avatar of your friend with a pizza, cool right? Users can customize their avatars to include full-body poses on versatile themes.

Over time, Bitmojis have become popular with people who want something more personal and unique. After all, it lets them create a digital identity through which they can show their best self to their friends and the world around them!

According to Snapchat statistics, more than 200 million people use Bitmoji avatars daily.

Bitmoji enhances almost 70% of the daily Snaps.

With its rising popularity, Snapchat doesn’t miss a single chance to stand out. It takes a stand with awareness campaigns on themes like environment, LGBTQ+, mental health etc.

How Snapchat motivated people to contribute to the environment through Bitmojis?

On Saturday, June 5, World Environment Day 2021 was celebrated, virtually. This is because of the ongoing pandemic. But it was not underwhelming even the slightest!

Snapchat, the multimedia giant, launched nine new environmental styles Bitmojis. This inspired people across the world to share their love and dedication towards caring for nature.

This year’s theme: Ecosystem Restoration; and the personalized avatars could not have done a better job. They showcased what needs to be done and what healthy habits we can adopt. The idea helped us do our part in cleaning the environment.

Growing new plants, cutting off our electrical appliances when not in use, saving water, recycling, you name it and there’s a Bitmoji for it now!

But what appeal do these Bitmojis have that a simple Earth emoji doesn’t?

Our society is transitioning from physical to digital landscape rapidly. In such a technological age, people love to have a virtual identity. That’s where a Bitmoji avatar comes in!

Suppose you wish to share your experience of your newfound gardening skills with your friends. Wouldn’t it be so much more candid and honest to forward a Bitmoji with your face than a long same-old string of text?

~In cartoons and numerous animations there is a wide spectrum of symbolic representation. On one hand, you have a photo of yourself, the most realistic representation. On the other is the smiley face, which could be anybody or everybody. It’s all about finding a balance.

Your Avatar hugging a tree is easier to post a heart to.

That’s the quality of Bitmojis that people love so much. Their ability to make them look attractive in an entertaining cartoonish manner!

~People all over the world come together and share their own avatars. This trending environment on global platforms like Snapchat, Twitter can often be noticed. Their special, quirky charm can drive people to save water. Or even post the Bitmoji on Instagram to be a part of that community too.

It’s becoming a cultural phenomenon. It’s exploiting this obsession of people with customized avatars for the earth’s betterment, which can be the way forward!

How do you create and share a Bitmoji?

So are you excited to create and share the new nature-themed Bitmojis with your friends? Here is a way to go ahead with it :

To get started, create a new Bitmoji account using the app. This can either be independent or you can draw on your Snapchat credentials.

The service comes with a plethora of exciting options. Maybe you are a brunette, but you want your personal cartoon avatar to be blonde hair?

Design it manually and customize all sorts of things from skin tone, jawline, outfit to body type. Or upload a selfie! There are also three different general themes to pick from – Deluxe, Classic, and Bitstrips.

Now you can even combine different GIFs, stickers with Bitmoji. There’s one for just about every instance, feeling, and action imaginable. With the newly added visuals, edit them to your satisfaction, add whatever media you want and share with the world.

You can add them to your Snapchat Stories, send them via individual chats or download them. You can spread their magic to your other social media accounts as well. With this Bitmoji keyboard with all your favourite animations in one place, you are perfectly saddled to use Bitmojis.

Bitmoji can be used as your instant conversation media. You can express your nature-loving self and encourage someone else into doing their bit to care for the Earth! Not only on World Environment Day but on every day of every month.

The potential future of Snapchat’s Bitmoji

We favour emotional connections, whether they are in person, or online. Bitmojis are your best bet virtually! They bring about a feeling of being together. When you and your friend are 2 cities apart,’ they are your go-to conversation media.

Gen Z is a digitally active generation. They represent a new kind of audience – one who is willing to dive into stories and experiences. There may be a wider and immersive use of Bitmojis in the future instead of celebrating occasions.

There is a more diverse choice available. Till then, you can take a walk in the wilderness and appreciate it on the Internet through your cartoon avatar!.


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