For hundred years, poker has been there, but during most of this period, unfortunately, it remained indoors in shady bars and casino’s backrooms. Since the first free games were provided online in the early 1900s, online poker has come a long way. When the first real money poker game online debuted in 1998. There continue to be several technological innovations that transformed people’s play and also enjoy their favorite card games. Since the poker online introduction, the game’s popularity has significantly increased. There are many poker tournaments in India to join weekly or daily along with minimum buy-in and also win big real money prizes.


  • Unlimited poker action availability 24/7- A table can be found any time of the day as it doesn’t matter when someone wants to play. There are many online poker sites offering 24*7 poker action, week seven days, and a year’s 365 days.
  • Ability to “multi-table”- The ability to play at more than one table mainly at the same time. At a time, more than one bet can be made, and even if someone loses at one table, anyone can win at another, and losses recover.
  • Convenience is as close as the nearest mobile, laptop, or desktop. Just stumble into a comfy chair, and the device is fired up and starts playing. Internet connection is all one requires.

Pick an online poker site.

  • Welcome bonuses- While each welcome bonus might vary from site to site, the bottom line is simple. This kind of bonus allows winning rewards that can incentivize time on a given site.
  • Figure out which features matter- It’s vital to try figuring out which features on poker sites are vital and which are not. The perfect way to sort this out is to spend time reading and exploring some of the best sites for online poker.
  • Start where it feels comfortable- Poker can be rewarding and fun but can be stressful while playing with experienced players without even having the foundational knowledge. Thus, start at a game that is generally suited to ability levels. Just because there are variants of high stakes out there, it does not mean there is a need to jump into those until feeling comfortable and the game’s general mechanics be understood. 


  1. Daily poker tournament’s event names in India   
  •  Free Entry Poker Tournaments   
  • Holdem BOOST 3 LAC GTD      
  • PLO5 BOOST 1 LAC GTD      
  • 50K GTD [RE]       
  • Daily Depositor’s Freeroll     
  1. 2. Weekly poker tournament event names in India
  2. The big show 7.5 LAC GTD    
  • The Pride     
  • Weekly First Time Depositor’s Freeroll    
  •  The Endeavour   
  • The Weekly Highroller    
  • 6 Tournaments in prime time      
  • Blockbuster 6 LAC GTD
  1. Biggest upcoming tournament event names in India
  • EndBoss
  • Clash Royale
  • IMPS Gold Edition
  • Baazi Billions



It can be concluded that online poker is the poker game played over the internet. For a considerable increase in the number of poker players worldwide number, it has been partly


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