Western cards are one of the most popular entertainment games in Vietnam today. It is associated with many games of Tien Len, Ba Cay, Mau Binh, Blackjack, etc. Beloved for many generations. In the past, on every Lunar New Year, people often played these Western card games for entertainment, and also for the purpose of gathering together and reuniting.
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Ways to play Western cards 

The following will be how to play Western cards shared by the elders in the “red and black life”, don’t miss it:

Western cards move forward 

Moving up to the South and moving up to the North is one of them How to play Western cards loved by many people. A standard turn will be 4 players, each person will have 13 cards. But if you want to play with 2-3 people, you can still play and each person only has at least 13 cards.

The order of the cards will be arranged in ascending fashion as follows: 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 J Q K. In which, 3 will be the smallest card in the deck of cards. And the 2 will represent the deck of cards that ranks highest, also including the Ace, which will rank second. In addition, it is necessary to mention card suits such as hearts, diamonds, diamonds, and spades.

The cards can also be arranged in pairs, four of a kind, three cards, and do not need to care about the suit but only need to pay attention to the arrangement of the cards. The following players will be responsible for blocking the previous player’s cards from letting them return. If you don’t block, you lose your turn and cannot play in that round, you have to wait for the next round. If whoever runs out of cards first wins and the game ends.

Three cards card game

The three-card card, also known as the scratch card, is one of the cards How to play Western cards is played by the most people today, because of its easy, fast and equally attractive format. In this game, each person will have 3 cards in hand. And whoever has the higher score will win.

The lowest basic score limit is 1 point and the highest is 9. You just need to deal the cards and add the points to win. If the total is 2 digits, the remaining balance is your score.

For example: If you have J 8 9 in your hand, the balance will be 7 points, your conversion will be 7 points in that game.
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Western blackjack

Blackjack is also the same How to play Western cards It is enjoyed by many people from old to young, playing with 2 people or more. And there will be one person who will take on the role of creator, and the player will be your family. The amount of bet will not be limited.

Each game, 1 person will have 2 cards, and depending on the number of points in hand, the player will continue to draw when they see enough to win, then stop drawing, the highest score will be 21, if 21 points pass, the card will be thrown. If you hold an Ace and one of the 10s in your hand, J Q K, without any hesitation, put down your cards to win the game.

Western songs

Ta La is also known as phom, each game of phom will be played by 2 – 4 people, each person will have 9 cards in a deck of 52 cards. The first person to deal will have 10 cards. When playing phom, each person will try to steal other people’s cards or pick up more cards to create their own phom. Whichever hand gets 3 phoms will win.

Western Xi To 

Xi To is also known as Xi To, it exists in the West but has now also appeared widely in Vietnam. The Xi To game genre is also one of the How to play Western cards 52 leaves.

At the beginning of the game, there will be community cards and private cards. Each player will deal their own cards and the community cards will be turned over and placed in the middle of the table. Depending on the strength of the card, you can then bet the amount you want. After the game ends, the last person will turn over the cards and divide the score.

Western trade war card

Mau Binh is a familiar face in the game portal village. This game has many other names such as grey-sharp or Thap tam formula, Mau Binh is also one of them How to play Western cards and it has simple but attractive gameplay.

With this sport, the player will have 13 cards in hand with the number of players ranging from 2 – 4 people. We will prioritize choosing strong cards, it is better to spend strong first than later. In case it only goes to the four-of-a-kind deck, we will prioritize the four-of-a-kind card number 1.

For example, if we have 10 J Q K cards, we will prioritize them in the first position.

Wild card game

Also played from a deck of 52 cards, the game Sam Loc has many similarities with Southern Tien Len. How to play Western cards This cyclone is also very simple, each person will be divided into 10 games, played by 2 – 4 people, in the first game the person holding the smallest card will play first, from the 2nd game onwards the first person to return will have the right of way.

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Things to note when choosing a reputable house to play Western cards

It is impossible to judge any select address as a reputable select unit, but it also has promotional policies and many incentives to satisfy customers. Choose game portal with fast, safe and transparent payment speeds. Attractive select odds for players to freely bet big or small depending on their needs.

The interface of the pages must be eye-catching and meticulous, the images must be sharp. Vivid sound gives players the feeling of experiencing the most wonderful moments.

The game portal must have a legal business license. Using this license, all activities of the house are strictly controlled.

24/24 customer service support Anytime customers need or have questions, there will always be a consultant to answer questions. Because many players feel cheated when they ask questions without receiving answers from consultants.

Choosing a new dealer to participate in Western card game experiences is not too difficult, but it is also not simple if you do not know the above information. Through this article,game portal NEW88 Hope it will help you gain more understanding about the how to play Western cards As well as having more knowledge when choosing a reputable website to play games.


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